Chris Lloyd

“I graduated from NSCAD in 1999 with the desire to paint curtailed by a desire to express projects in a more eclectic range of mediums, ranging from compulsive letter-writing, cup-collecting, sports and politics. I’ve been writing almost daily email to the Prime Minister of Canada since 2001 – and yes, I’m still doing it. No, none of them have personally written back. I’ve photographed, collected and made paper from hundreds of found Tim Horton coffee cups, traveled across the country in a performance art alter-ego called Everyday Goalie, created monoprints direct from manhole covers, infiltrated the Conservative Party of Canada and then ran against Justin Trudeau in the 2015 federal election. I am currently cobbling together a living as a gallery technician, furniture maker, and handyman as I juggle single parenthood, social activism, decolonizing myself and making paintings once again in a studio in Tiohtià:ke / Montreal.” – Chris Lloyd


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