SJAH – OH Room

About this project

About This Project ‘Bunkie’ is a friendly, 350 square foot, A-frame structure with a personality all its own. As purposed guest quarters, Bunkie had to be welcoming and, most of all, fun! After the construction phase was all but complete, the Darlings invited us to take creative liberty with the interiors. The warm neutral backdrop of the wood walls and floor allowed us considerable range when it came to colour and whimsical accessorizing. The result is a fresh and modern space with a hint of rustic and a whole lot of character!

Their review

After ten years of business, we needed to freshen up...what was in store for me, I could have never imagined. The restaurant industry is like fashion, really comfortable and delicious fashion...who better to go to – Tuck Interiors - with Judith Mackin. We began the journey and from the first meeting to the last light bulb hung, Judith's keen eye oversaw it all (and her involved hand actually laid down some paint), the detail was second to none, the functionality is superior and the end result, as I have said many times, we're over the moon with excitement. It has maintained what we have built in feel and taken us to a whole new level of design. We are absolutely thrilled with not only the result, but the great journey of understanding design and its function.
Peter Stoddart – Saint John Ale House


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