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“The grass doesn’t have a hope of growing under Judith Mackin’s feet.”  

Sandra Davis, Telegraph Journal

Always beginning with the assumption that opportunity is everywhere, Judith has become a fearless serial entrepreneur. ”

Saint John Board of Trade


“I am blown away. The article you wrote is sincerely one of the best I’ve read on IDS ever. You really captured the vision and experience, and such great coverage for the designers. Thank you so much for your passion, insight and intelligence.”

Shauna Levy – Vice President of MMPI Canada and director of the Interior Design Show

“We got the copies of the local coverage for IDS 2012 and were thrilled.  You were the only person of the 15,000 or so who passed through the space over the course of the 3 days to get the Peter Greenaway connection.  Well done you.”

Caroline Robbie, Quadrangle Architects Limited
(referencing: the “Last Supper” review on their ‘How Do You Live’ exhibit at IDS 2012)

Photo: Richard Picton 


“Judith is a design hound.  She is a beacon of style in a city where a voracious appetite for the latest in decor is often left to go hungry…”

“Judith Mackin, the owner of one our first Original Home Tours [is] a beacon of modern style in the foggy town of Saint John, NB.  This week she launches the website for her upcoming contemporary design studio, TUCK, and Saint John gets a little cooler.”

Elana Safronsky – HGTV

“Judith Mackin’s set design and article were so thorough, so poignant, so apropos. Thanks!”

Karim Rashid – Industrial Designer

When Axel and I approached Judith and punch inside for a restaurant makeover, we knew their task wouldn’t be an easy one: the budget was modest; there could be no interruption of service; and most important of all, the design had to reflect our core values, particularly our emphasis on local character and produce. Opera Bistro chose punch inside because we admired their work ethic and had seen the kind of creative design they could produce. As high as our expectations were, however, they were surpassed by what Judith and her team produced. In the relatively short space of a week, our restaurant was completely transformed; the warm, inventive, and utterly transformative design came in on budget and on time. It’s difficult to express how pleased we are with the new design, especially with the original pieces of artwork contributed by Judith’s associates, Amy Ash and Sarah Tapley. We just couldn’t be happier.”

Margret & Axel Begner – Opera Bistro

collage of Santara
Thandi Restaurant had the opportunity to work with Judith Mackin of Punch Inside on our bar renovation. Judith incorporated the existing elements creating a warm classy cosmopolitan atmosphere. Judith researched Ken’s Punjabi roots thus the name; the Santara which means orange in Punjabi.  Judith added beautiful orange fixtures ,copper accents, bamboo counters, enhancing the beauty of this historic building. It was a privilege to work Judith on this project . Saint John is a better place because of the talented individuals like Judith Mackin

Holly & Ken Singh – Thandi – ‘The Santara: Before / After/ In between Bar’

“A woman of endless talent and creative vision, Judith Mackin is the Principle at the marketing, public relations and design firm PUNCH Productions / PUNCH INSIDE.  She also serves as a freelance documentary journalist for the CBC and writes ‘Design Driven’, a column in the Saturday arts section of the Province. What’s more, her keen eye for detail, passion for architecture and original art, and conscious support of Canadian design have all worked together to produce an array of stunning interiors. Impressive? Most definitely.”

Anita Modha –

“I feel very lucky to have chosen Judith Mackin’s companies Punch Productions and Punch Inside to help me launch my own company – The SJ Psychology Centre. I was unexpectedly thrust into the role of entrepeneur, and given a short timeframe to get my business up and running. I have always known Judith has great style, but I did not appreciate the full breadth of her talents. Judith provided “value added” services in every sense of the word. She took great care to get to know me and my business (i.e., psychology). She was able to think about branding and design issues from multiple perspectives including clients, staff, and referral sources. She was respectful of my modest budget. Her choices are not only beautiful but they “work”. For example, my colleagues and I are thrilled with our copious storage for files, books, and testing materials.

Judith was exceptionally generous in terms of sharing her entrepreneurial wisdom with a rookie like myself. I am also impressed by her broader commitment to the entrepreneurial and arts communities here in Saint John. The end product is nothing short of inspirational to myself, my staff, and my clients.”

Dr. Jane Walsh | The SJ Psychology Centre  (click here for before | after photos)

“The first time we set foot in Judith’s own home we knew we wanted our own home to have the same impact on others that Judith’s had on us. Judith was able to give us just that, while still keeping our house true to us. She showed us where to spend and where to save in order to get the most out of our renovation. But of all the money we spent Judith was by far the best investment of all. We can’t wait to have her touch on the rest of our home.”

Carrie & Sean McGrath (Click here to see before | after photos):

“Judith worked with my spouse and me to completely re-imagine and re-design our home living space. From furniture and fixture selection to paint colours and hardware Judith transformed our Victorian-era home into the most enjoyable space in the world to spend time, relax, work or entertain.”

Mel Norton

“Judith introduced us to a new way of thinking about our space. Beyond decorating and paint colours, great design should flow consistently from your personal style.  She worked with us to identify that style, and create an interior that uniquely reflected us.  There are a lot of options and decisions to be made when it comes to home design.  It’s easy to pick what’s trendy or what you see in magazine or displayed in a store. The value of working with Judith is she pushes you to think about what you truly want for your space, and helps source the items to create it.  With the client in mind, the product is always an original. ”

Stephanie Bell

“This woman is world-class! The most visually imaginative, aggressive, caring, warm, blunt, direct, driven, and confident entrepreneur I’ve known. I have hired Judith and I have worked with and for her and she is professional, meticulous, and thoroughly human in everything she does. She is the ingredient that would make me say yes to any project she is involved in. She is my friend and one of the people that makes me love our city. Hire Judith Mackin (if she’s available).”

Jeff Roach | Sociallogical


“It is no secret that Judith is the go-to person in New Brunswick for all things interior. In fact, she raises the design standard – Judith is a visual design artist. She is a hard working entrepreneur, she appreciates details and knows how to combine her knowledge of design with what is meaningful, purposeful and suited to the everyday lives of her clients. Asking for her help to stylize my home and business was a no-brainer and has definitely been an investment that demonstrates invaluable return time and time again. 

I enjoyed the process of recreating my space with Judith as much as I love and take pride in the final product. ”

Kelly  Lawson – Lady Cave To see before and after click here.

“Judith was able to adapt to my style and taste. She made excellent suggestions. The end product is much better as a result of her work. I love my renovated space!”

Stephen Smith

“Judith has a natural talent for implementing ”punchy” new design and color into a room – while at the same time, keeping her clients’ personal preferences front and center to the changes. We were particularly impressed by the number of choices, in sample and swatch, that she provided in the course of the project. Thanks to Judith, our former “dark room” area is now an airy and elegant living space. “

Janet and John Burgess

“I now pay close attention to interior design, I never knew how much of an art designing a room would be…until I met Judith! She designed my companies film studio, she gave it the magic touch. I say “Aces” to Punch, and I also say that her design is better then Agent Cooper’s favorite cherry pie! “

Greg Hemmings | Hemmings House Pictures

“We were marketing one of UPTOWN Saint John’s first Heritage Condo Conversions; after a slow start we realized that the interior’s needed redesign, re-decorating, and refurnishing in order to improve their appeal to our young urban target customer. We hired Judith Mackin and Punch Inside, who quickly identified the requirements, delivered the solution, and did it on time and on budget (a very limited one!). The design efforts by Judith and Punch have focused the product squarely on our market and we’ve seen renewed interest and increased sales.”



“I had to drop you a note to say what a great job you did for the Uptown Saint John “awards evening”!  Upon entering the white room it was as if we had been transported to New York!  Your creative live mannequin “display” was breathtaking.  Great selections for the models, the clothes, the shoes (of course), jewellery, furniture, etc. etc. and the hair and makeup was just over the top!  You obviously had a great team assembled – congratulations on a superb event, enjoyed by all who attended and still being “talked about”.

Cathy Hutchison | Manchester Shoe Salon

“Absolutely brilliant event last night Judith! You are one spectacularly talented lady! I had a hard time concentrating on any one conversation because I couldn’t stop looking at everyone and all of the amazing things you created to make the Live Life Awards an EPIC event! Congratulations!!”

Andrea Cyr

 ”Judith Mackin. What else can I say about this woman? She’s a Saint John supporter like no other. She always says that you should surround yourself with people who make you a better person… that’s why I spend time around her. She’s amazing.”

Barb Crawford |

“Last night I walked the red carpet on Prince William Street into the second annual Live Life! Uptown Saint John Awards.  When my husband and I arrived on the second floor of the building we were blown away by how stunning the event was. It was hosted in a large room overlooking the Bay of Fundy, and was completely painted white. It had a center stage were live models acted as mannequins, and every ten minutes all night long the Master of Ceremonies would yell Vivant and they would strike a different pose. It was truly a collection of the hip and trendy (which made me wonder how I got there!) and was the most unique event I have seen anywhere in North America (and I have been to Vegas). Judith Mackin from Punch Productions was the brainchild of this event.”

Sarah Craig | Fusion Saint John


“Judith, thank you again for the opportunity to see how a true professional works – I can honestly say I enjoyed every second of the planning, workings, details and execution of this event under your reign.  In my dozen + years, this event will definitely be the ‘flagship’ gala/special event that I will remember details of, with fond memories of seeing it unfold.  You are amazing and I hope to see future ‘event experiences’ orchestrated by you, and hopefully here at the FCC as well.”

Kara Nicholson | Director of Meetings & Events | Fredericton Convention Centre in response to Convocation 2012

Holy Cow you landed the mother of all fish!!  That was one heck of a show, more shimmer and shine that a school of blowfish on a tropical reef… I was so excited my dorsal fin was sticking straight up out of the water!! Thank you for your amazing work and for arranging for us to be part of it.  My family has been in New Brunswick since 1766 and I am about as proud a Saint Johner as you will meet but I was humbled by the beautiful way you showcased the awesome talent living among us.”

Daryl Steeves |  The Originals – Saint John Arts Awards 2010

“The Originals event was spectacular!!  Gary and I were quite literally speechless! Judith, you have given countless hours of your time and your touch was felt in every little aspect of the evening.  What a grand success!  The evening left me very proud to be a Saint Johner, surrounded by such talent.  The sense of community was very strong in the venue!  Judith, you made the night look effortless, the mark of a true master. “

Gary and Janelle Flanagan |  The Originals – Saint John Arts Awards 2010

What a night! I believe last night exceeded all expectations, and many of us arrived knowing it would be a wonderful night. It was a highly professional production from start to finish, yet never lost its intimacy. The connection between those on stage and those sitting in the audience was electric throughout the evening.

Peter Buckland |  The Originals – Saint John Arts Awards 2010

“Congratulations Judith!  I sat up in the balcony at The Originals last night and soaked it all in. It was a great event from start to finish — wonderfully organized and entertaining. I wish I could have stayed for the after party.  There are too few opportunities in all cities that bring various artists and arts organizations together with as much impact and heart as happened yesterday. Everyone in St. John should be very proud.  Excellent job by you and your committee!!! Bravo!!!

Terry Graff, Curator | Beaverbrook Art Gallery


“Alien Nation was a remarkable, brave and intimate series of radio programs. It is truly amazing to hear the stories that were part of the show, all presented without judgement, shock or hyperbole. The kids got to speak for themselves, mostly unmediated, something we hear so rarely on radio or tv. Judith Mackin did an amazing job weaving together her personal experiences with the stories of others. It made for a brave and very compelling listening experience.”

Chris Boyce, Toronto Programming Director CBC Radio

For Further Alien Nation feedback please click here.


“Judith Mackin got a standing ovation and recommended associating with caring, healthy people and positive influences. “It doesn’t require wealth or education, just the desire to change” she says. Her Dad’s advice that “finding true happiness came from helping others” guides her life….”
Telegraph Journal – Author: Jane Barry

“There were New Brunswick runners racing literally all over the world. In Holland, a small but intrepid team of Joints in Motion runners took on the Amsterdam Marathon to earn money for arthritis and to achieve the personal satisfaction of completing a personal goal. People like Marilyn Williams, John and Nancy Hickey, Judith Mackin and Heather Elder – all from greater Saint John – showed their drive and commitment to a cause and all were successful in reaching their goals.”
Telegraph Journal – Author: Daryl Steeves

“Some people in the arts community excel at creativity. As her friends and colleagues will attest, Judith Mackin, director of The Space: A co-operative gallery, excels at organization. Impresario of the recentdeep see Street Festival in uptown Saint John, she managed to draw an estimated 4000 people to Canterbury Street to participate in a day-long celebration of the visual arts that included artists creating works on-site, workshops, food and music…As though being a single mother, working full-time at a consulting firm and running Saint John’s only non-commerical gallery weren’t enough to occupy her time….”
Telegraph Journal /the Reader –– Author: Sue McCluskey

“Having the Space’s high-energy director, Judith Mackin, explain something to you, and to try to interject with a question, is like trying to harness one of those unwieldy coiled springs that threatens to escape from some confined space. Mackin is irrepressibly enthusiastic about art, artists and her upcoming gala fundraiser.”
Telegraph Journal/the Reader – Author: Colin H. Smith


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