Organize with Umbra! Tuck’s Top Ten Picks to Help with Spring Cleaning!

If you’re anything like us, you’re spending some of your extra time indoors cleaning and organizing your home. Today, we’re sharing ten of our top ten Umbra products to help you with your spring cleaning!

Promenade Coat Rack ($250) 

The entryway can be a place where things pile up. Rather than throw things on a chair or bench, this Promenade Coat Rack allows you to hang jackets and outerwear while storing umbrellas and even up to four pairs of shoes in the compartment at its base! The six hooks rotate to adjust for different sized items, and its solid wood and steel fabrication is extra sturdy despite having a small footprint.

Umbra Promenade Coat Rack - $250
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Shoe Sling ($40) 

Need a little more shoe storage? This versatile Shoe Sling holds up to 16 pairs of shoes! It is also stackable, which means less floor space is needed to store your footwear and other accessories.  We also love the idea of using this shoe rack in a kid’s room or play area to store books and toys!

Shoe Sling ($40). Also pictured Shoe Dry ($20)
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Valerina Over the Door Jewelry Organizer ($60) 

 There’s nothing worse than trying to detangle a knot of necklaces. Keep them tidy with the Valerina Over the Door Jewelry Organizer! This high-capacity accessory organizer has a very small footprint while making use of the often-underutilized vertical square footage on your walls and closet doors; plus, it holds 200+ items and includes ten necklace or bracelet bars, four rows of earring storage and a removable/adjustable tray.

Valerina Over the door jewelry organizer ($60)
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Cinch Laundry Hamper ($40) 

Make doing laundry a breeze with this Cinch Laundry Hamper, designed to make carting it around simple. The arms of the steel wire base are flexible enough to come together to transport the laundry hamper with one hand making it convenient and easy to carry. The mesh laundry bag can easily be removed and is machine washable making it easy to clean.

Cinch Laundry Hamper ($40). Also pictured Pillar Coat Rack ($120)
Cinch Laundry Hamper ($40)
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Matinee Photo Frame Set ($75)

Organize your art and favourite photos with the brand-new Matinee Photo Frame Set! Matinee Photo Display is a complete set of five gallery frames to make decorating your walls a simple and fun task. Easy to mount and with a shiny brass finish, customize the arrangement of frames and the photos or artwork you want to put on display. The gallery frame set comes with two 4×6 frames, two 5×7 frames and one 8×10 frame. Each frame also comes with a removable white matboard. A unique function that combines wall décor with storage, Matinee’s 8×10 frame comes with a basket for small plants such as cacti, and succulents or décor and accessories. The built-in basket has a removable plastic lining to help protect the frame from any damage or mess from planting. Easy to mount and arrange, this gallery frame set comes with all necessary hanging hardware.

Matinee Photo Frame Set ($75), Pleated Planter ($70), Tesora Jewelry Stand ($35)
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Peggy Drawer Organizer ($25) 

We know the struggles of a tupperware drawer. The Peggy Drawer Organizer helps you do the impossible and keep everything perfectly in place. It’s adjustable tray and removable pegs can be repositioned at any time. You choose where to place them based on your needs which means you can create the perfect fit to accommodate your plastic food storage containers and lids, your cookware including pots, pans and lids, your serveware, your mixing bowls, your cooking utensils and just about anything else you want to keep organized and in its place!

Peggy Drawer Organizer ($25)
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Tucker Photo Display ($50) 

Organize your inspiration with the Tucker Photo Display! Designed for photos and memos, we think that Tucker also makes a great inspiration or vision board, perfect for organizing your ideas. With a real-linen backing, this modern and casual photo display has a lot of storage capacity to overlap and layer all of your favorite photos and special mementos. Plus, it won’t damage any of your special keepsakes since it does not require a push-pin.

Tucker Photo Display ($50). Also pictured Potsy Planter ($50/set of 3)
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Hammock Wall Organizer ($30)

This wall mounted organizer is ideal for entryway or kitchen spaces as it has integrated storage for jackets, bags, and small accessories. The Hammock Wall Organizer features five storage hooks for items to be hung and a suede microfiber pocket for smaller items such as keys, phones, wallets, mail and more. Its microfiber suede pocket helps protect and keep items clean, while its hooks each hold up to 3lbs. Designed for small space living, this organizer takes advantage of unused wall space to create a designated spot for items to be neatly stored.

Hammock Wall Organizer ($30)
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Barrel Shower Caddy ($60) 

Get those bottles off your shower floor with the Barrel Shower Caddy! Made of mildew resistant bamboo and aluminum, this caddy provides efficient storage. It is designed with two large self-draining shelves with space for large shampoo bottles, two razor holders, and two hooks for loofahs or washcloths.

Barrel Shower Caddy ($60)
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Pano Photo Display & Room Divider ($180)

If all else gives, hide your clutter behind the Pano Photo Display & Room Divider! This modern and decorative piece multifunctional, as it can decorate a room while serving as a modern room divider (clutter hider). It features a pivoting frame with 360-degree rotating panels inside of it. The photo panels are a crisp white color and display up to 18 4×6 and 5×7 photos.

Pano Photo Display & Room Divider ($180)
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As always, all Umbra products ship for free direct to you, anywhere in Canada! Shop the entire collection using our online shop.


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