Opera Bistro | The Big Reveal: Before and After Restaurant Makeover!

For those that live in the city you may know that the Restaurant Makeover for Opera Bistro has been completed by our company, punch inside.  Almost all of the decor was sourced through TUCK STUDIO.

Because we knew it was going to be featured on HGTV.ca we held back the ‘after’ photos so that the big reveal would come through the network.

The ‘AFTER’ MAKEOVER with full story and pictures is live on HGTV.ca here.

Please drop down below to see additional photography (not seen in the article) by Hemmings House (Mark Hemmings).

[nggallery id=92]

Earlier this week, HGTV.ca featured part one of a two part feature on the Before and After of Opera Bistro’s Redesign on Monday (April 23rd, 2012). Click >the ‘BEFORE’ article with full story and pictures on HGTV.ca here.

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