Oh Canada! 7 Canadian Furniture & Home Decor Brands available at Tuck Studio

With Canada Day approaching, we can’t help but feel the surge of patriotism flowing throughout the country. We pride ourselves on offering exclusive lines of furniture and home decor designed in Canada and/or made in Canada! We’ve put together a list of just a few Canadian brands available at Tuck Studio! 

1. Gus* Modern 

Gus* Modern is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Toronto. The Gus* Modern Collection, comprised of upholstered seating, dining, beds, accents, lighting and accessories, is exclusively available at Tuck Studio! Every season Gus* continues to wow us with fresh new designs as well as updates to their existing pieces of mid-century inspired furniture. 

2. EQ3

EQ3 is located in Winnipeg, and a large portion of their custom upholstery is made there as well! Since establishing in 2001, the company has grown throughout North America. With offerings from custom upholstery to dining tables to accent tables to bedroom furniture, the line is extensive and available exclusively at Tuck Studio in New Brunswick! Lately, we’re in love with the Cello Collection available in 125 different fabrics and leathers and dozens of configurations! Featured: EQ3 Cello 2-PC Sectional, Custom Marble End Table & Marble Coffee Table, and Petrie Floor Lamp

3. Umbra/Umbra Shift 

Umbra was founded in Toronto in 1979 by owner Paul Rowan and has since expanded to offer unique products around the world. With headquarters still in Toronto, the company has stayed true to its values of creating products that are original, modern, casual, functional and affordable. Umbra Shift is an extension of Umbra that focuses on contemporary influences in the design community with a roster of established, emerging, and in–house designers who share Umbra’s passion to re-think things, designing personal objects they themselves would want to give or use at home.

Featured: Umbra Shift Cowboy Coffee Kettle 

4. Trica Furniture 

Customizable furniture designed in Canada and made in Canada! Trica is based out of Quebec and was founded in 1988. The company’s high quality customizable furniture is made in Quebec and features stunning materials such as etched glass, solid wood and wood veneer, plated and powder coated finishes, fabric, leather, and newly introduced porcelain finishes! 

 Features: Trica Utopia Dining Table, and Nube Dining Chairs

5. Brothers Dressler 

Brothers Dressler is a furniture design and manufacturing company with expertise in custom project design, coordination and fabrication. Since 2003, the Brothers Dressler workshop has designed a growing catalogue of individual pieces of furniture for small batch production and limited edition runs.

One of our favourite works from Brothers Dressler is the Branches Chandelier. Following the patterns found throughout nature and mathematics, steam bent wood is connected at nodes of machine hardware. The branches reach out from a central stem which houses the illumination. Available in standard circular configurations and can be customized to suit. Each Branches Chandelier is handcrafted in Toronto with responsibly sourced wood.

The Branches Chandelier can be enhanced with sparkle by the addition of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The crystals drip from the ends of the branches creating moving patterns as the light bounces off of each precision cut facet. 

Photo by Kelly Lawson of the Brothers Dressler Branches Chandelier in Hopscotch Whiskey Bar, Saint John. 

6. Céragrès

Céragrès Tile is based out of Montreal where they stock and distribute beautifully unique tiles from all over the world! We are happy to have partnered with Céragrès to be able to offer their product line in Saint John. Our latest obsession is the new Progetto 4D line of tiles featuring 3 dimensional 16″ x 32″ tiles in Deep Blue or White. 

7. SLAB Wood From the Hood 

Judith Mackin, owner of Tuck Studio, has been working closely with the forestry team at J.D. Irving, Limited to design and develop a completely original and uniquely New Brunswick furniture collection called ‘SLAB – Wood from the Hood.’  What makes this particular collaboration special is the use of the ‘slab,’ part of the tree that would otherwise be used for firewood or tissue. The trees used are all mature ash, birch and maple trees grown in New Brunswick and very much the product of responsible forest management from woodlands that are environmentally certified by independent experts every year under the international Sustainable Forestry Initiative  (SFI).  The consumer knows where the tree came from and that it was harvested sustainably. Once cut, the slabs are subject to a careful kiln drying process and then finished by the team at JMN ENTERPRISES INC. in northern New Brunswick. 
Photography byKelly Lawson



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