“Love Letters to Saint John” by Pamela Marie Pierce

Introducing the latest series of work by Saint John based artist, Pamela Marie Pierce: Love Letters to Saint John. 

“My self-isolation started out of province, with a strict solo-quarantine in a borrowed cottage in the deep woods. With no telephone or internet, I had all the time in the world to feel how much I missed and believe in Saint John. Creating this work helped me to feel closer to home, and each was made with confidence in present strength and in the bright future to come.”

– Pamela Marie Pierce

Pamela’s latest works are available now to purchase through our online store. Shop the collection using our online shop and of course visit us in store to view each piece (or whatever is left) in person when we open at 12pm! We are also accepting orders over the phone, (506) 642-9792, and through email to hello@tuckstudio.ca

“And Then I Wake Still Dreaming” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $125 SOLD

“First Blush” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $125 SOLD

“Counting Flowers on the Wall” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $125

“Indoor Kitty” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $125 SOLD

About Pamela Marie Pierce

Pamela is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily in pen and ink, watercolour, and gouache. She considers every illustration a portrait, regardless of how seemingly azoic a subject may appear. She sees the world as a series of lines, and connects those ones she can.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Pamela currently works and lives in her favourite city: Saint John, New Brunswick.

She is self-taught.

“Within and Without” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $295

“Symphony in King Square” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $295

“Dating Sam De Cham” by Pamela Marie Pierce, $295

“Over It by Pamela Marie Pierce, $295

“Bay Bae”  framed by Pamela Marie Pierce, $493 SOLD

“Standard State” framed by Pamela Marie Pierce, $493

“Thanks I Cut it Myself” framed by Pamela Marie Pierce, $505

“BS” framed by Pamela Marie Pierce, $505

“Tangibility” framed by Pamela Marie Pierce, $505

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