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Choosing the perfect dining table to fit your home and lifestyle can be tricky. At Tuck, we have a HUGE selection of dining tables including expanding tables, solid wood, marble, glass, and wood veneer. With such a large selection the task seems a bit daunting. How do you even go about narrowing down the selection? What options are even available? We’ve put together a quick guide to a few popular table options and how you might be able to get a start on narrowing down your search. 

When shopping for the perfect dining table, there are quite a few things to consider, such as the size of your family, how often you entertain, the types of food you eat, other things your table might be used for, such as homework or board games, and even the ages of anyone using the table. Thankfully, there’s a more simple way of looking at it. We’ve broken it down into three things to think about when shopping for a table. 

1. How big is your dining room? 

There’s no point shopping for a dining table until you know how big you can go. If the space is tiny, you might want to consider an expandable table to keep it compact for everyday use and have the option to open it up for dinner parties. A general rule of thumb is to leave 3′ of space between the edge of the table and any walls or obstructions such as buffet cabinets, shelves, or sideboards. 

A great option for an expanding table is the EQ3 Harvest Dining Collection. Available in a 36″ square dinette, a 63″ Dining Table, and a large 87″ Dining Table. The Harvest Tables are constructed from solid oak with a natural oil finish and have the option to add leaf extensions to each side to give more space when you need it. Due to the solid wood and natural finish, each table is unique and will withstand the tests of time! Re-oiling is required about twice a year to keep the wood moisturized and avoid cracking. 

Photo from EQ3 

2. Consider Material

We have plenty of dining tables available in a variety of finishes and materials from solid wood, to marble, to glass options. There are pros and cons to every material so the trick is finding one that best suits you and your family. Consider who will be using the table, how often, and the types of food you tend to eat. Marble might not be a great idea for young families where spills occur frequently, where as solid wood might be perfect because it can be refinished over time. 

Solid Wood

Solid Wood tables can be stunning especially when done right like the EQ3 Harvest table featured above. Another one of our favourite collections is the new SLAB, Wood From the Hood Dining Tables available exclusively at Tuck Studio. In our most recent collaboration, we worked with JD Irving and JMN Enterprises to bring a collection of live edge tables and benches made in New Brunswick using responsibly harvested New Brunswick ash, birch, and maple wood! Read more about SLAB here

The SLAB Dining Tables are custom built to the size you need, have a variety of base options including the clear acrylic and wood bases featured below, and you can choose the stain as well as a lacquer vs. a matte satin finish. Solid wood is a great option if you’re looking for a life long dining table. It’s easy to maintain, and in the event it gets scratched or dented, it can be sanded and refinished to last for many years. 

Photo by Kelly Lawson


Marble tables are becoming increasingly popular with their timeless and sophisticated style. Take the Catrine Dining table for example! A stunning piece with a brushed gold base and white marble top; it creates quite a statement. The thing to remember with marble is that it’s a porous stone and susceptible to stains so be sure to clean up spills and messes right away to avoid damaging the surface. It’s a bit more work but worth the effort for such a gorgeous piece! 

Photo byKelly Lawson, throw back to 2015, when Tuck was still located on Autumn Street, when we featured this table in our Spring collection! 

Also available in these finishes: 



Glass tables are perfect for anyone with a fear of stains! Glass is non-porous and easy to clean so even though it tends to show every finger print and spec of dust, nothing is easier to wipe down! Trica Furniture, has a huge selection of Etched Glass and Starphire Glass table options including the stunning Timeless Table. This table is available in a variety of powder coated and plated steel bases to suit any style. For the top, you have a choice between Starphire Glass in clear, black, and white, OR opt for the anti-finger print/anti-glare option of etched glass available in Neige, Mushroom, or Charcoal. 

Another glass option is the new Place collection from EQ3! The clear glass top shows off the minimalist wood base in either solid oak or solid ash. Available in a square, rectangle, or round options! 

3. Chairs

The third thing to consider when picking out a Dining Table are the chairs! Whether you have chairs already or buying new, the chair style must coordinate with the table you choose. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered there as well! With dozens of chair options available from custom upholstered chairs to stocked and ready to ship options we can certainly find one to suit your needs! 



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