How To Pick the Perfect Dining Chair

Pairing your dining table with the right chairs can seem like an overwhelming task. To help take the pressure off, we’ve put together a how-to guide on picking the perfect dining chairs. All of the chairs and furniture featured in this post are available to order through Tuck!

EQ3 Lyla Arm Chair solid oak ($249)


If you’re purchasing chairs for an existing table make sure to bring your measurements along while shopping. Measure the width and depth of your tabletop as well as the space between the legs. Not all tables are created equal – some tables will have a more narrow space between the leg posts, which will limit your choices to chairs with a smaller footprint.

EQ3 Wren Dining Chair in oak with an upholstered back ($399) 


Will you be using your chairs everyday or for large gatherings and special occasions only? If the chairs are for everyday use, consider ones that are easy to clean – such as the EQ3 Lyla Arm Chairs of Side Chairs. If you will be using the space less often, treat your guests to the comfort of an upholstered chair like the EQ3 Wren featured above.  

EQ3 Lyla Arm Chair in white ($249)


Benches are a great way to squeeze in another dinner guest, especially children! Do remember that benches can be hard for some to sit down as it requires you to swing your leg overtop to get in. Consider using the bench on one side of the table, such as the EQ3 Harvest Dining Bench or EQ3 Bank Bench (customizable in over 100 leather or fabric choices), and chairs on the other. This will give your guests some seating options. Dining benches can always be swapped out for chairs on different occasions and placed into the entryway instead.

EQ3 Harvest Small Bench ($399), EQ3 Harvest 63″ Dining Table ($1099)

EQ3 Lyla Side Chair in black ($199), EQ3 Bank Bench in Lana Blue ($599)


If you have a smaller dining room or kitchen, avoid chairs with high backs and dark finishes. If your dining room is larger, consider armchairs for the head seats of the table and side chairs for the rest. Also consider the finish and material of your table. If you have a light wood or marble darker chairs might provide a nice contrast and compliment the natural materials.

EQ3 Frank Dining Chair ($299.99), EQ3 Bank Bench Lana Dark Grey/ Black Base ($719), Kendal 66″ Dining Table Solid Oak/ Stainless ($1899)

All of these dining chairs, benches, and dining tables are available to order from Tuck! Contact us to inquire or place an order. 

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