Happy Anniversary! Tuck Studio is 6 years old today

It’s a bit mind boggling to consider how fast the time has flown since we hatched a crazy idea and opened a tiny design studio in our basement in the North End on September 1st, 2012.  If Facebook hadn’t reminded me, I’d have forgotten completely that it was our six year anniversary!  

In terms of honouring the occasion, we’ve decided to forgo cake, no ‘special’ sale,’ no balloons out on Prince William.  Now this doesn’t mean we aren’t celebrating our success.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite!  The fact is we are B U S Y.  We’re a team of six which is hustling from morning to night, seven days a week, primarily because of one thing – OUR CUSTOMERS.  Because of you, we are busy and we are growing.   Because of our customer support, we expanded out of my basement into the wonderful historic district of uptown Saint John and we’ve seen significant growth each of the succeeding years since.  And because of our customers — your support — we expanded into the Quality Block on Grannan Alley and introduced TUCK INTERIORS to the community, a beautifully-restored venue that has allowed us to host our own pop-up shops and is now available to others to make use of the space for their own events! The photos below are of the new Tuck Interiors Rental & Event Space. 

Above: Photo of Tuck Interiors by Kelly Lawson. Read the article on Huddle: Tuck Interiors Is Turning Its Offices Into Saint John’s Newest Trendy Venue and visit our rentals page for more information & bookings!

Above: Photo of Tuck Interiors by Kelly Lawson

I’m grateful that in a world of on-line shopping, Amazon prime, big box stores, you, our customer, our friend, our supporter, have continually come back time and time again to show your faith in our products, our designs, and our team.  It is ONLY because of your loyalty that our business continues to thrive.  

I’m so grateful to the present team members and collaborators of TUCK and to those that accompanied us on our journey since the early days.  I’m in awe of their work ethic and the commitment they make every day to our business, that they treat working at TUCK with the same care and concern they might their own business.  In particular, I acknowledge the hard work and three-year commitment of Sarah Tapley-Homenick. (I wept when she left to begin her family. Read the farewell post here)  We’ve had many strong team members that have come and gone (special mention to Christiana Myers, Alex Moore and Sarah Martin).

Below are a few photos of the construction of Tuck Studio on Autumn Street as well as the first iterations of the store. 

Above: Robert Moore (Left), Alex Moore (Middle), and Sarah Homenick (Right)

Above: Sarah Homenick (left) and Alex Moore (right) 

Heather Anderson arrived on the scene (a Hamptonite who moved back from Vancouver !) a few weeks before we opened TUCK uptown and has without a doubt surpassed my expectations in every single regard.  Heather has become synonymous with TUCK, loved and respected by everyone who enters the store.   

Joshua Hayes, our ‘West Coast’ correspondent now living in BC showed up with a CV, a portfolio and basically said he wanted to work at TUCK. I believed him, hired him effectively on the spot and it was among the best decisions I’ve made for TUCK and TUCK INTERIORS.  Joshua’s work ethic, talent, eye and diligence have been astounding to me.   When a few years ago he said that he had to leave to be with his partner who had been transferred to BC for work, I wouldn’t let him leave the business; I asked him to work remotely and our design team/ relationship has never been stronger.   

Our team continues to grow and I’d be remiss to not give a tremendous shout-out to Craig Morris who has whipped our Shipping//Receiving Department into a thing of organized beauty.  Not incidentally, he curates the music in our store.

And finally, the silent partner in all of TUCK, Robert Moore, deserves more thanks, credit, appreciation, respect than I could ever conjure into words in this post.   

So, will there be cake?  Well, apart from the calorie-free sweetness I’ve baked in the rhetoric above, nope.  That’s too easy.  Having a ‘sale’ seems too predictable.  And let’s be honest:  it’s just a way of getting you to spend more money in our store.  This isn’t about that.  What I wanted was simply to celebrate this 6 year anniversary by saying the deepest and most heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ I could manage to you, our customers, and to the Tuck Team.  Every single day I thank my lucky stars that I get to work in an incredibly beautiful and growing City, surrounded by a talented team of co-workers and the VERY VERY BEST customers in the world.

Happy Anniversary to us all!

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