From the Archives: Peggy Bown Dentistry Extreme Makeover Before & After

In the case of Peggy Bown Dentistry on Rothesay Avenue, the words extreme makeover are a bit of an understatement! In 2014 we worked with Dr. Peggy Bown and her team to transform what used to be a Harvey’s restaurant into the spa like dental practice it is today. We enjoyed this renovation so much, we can’t help but share it again!

When stepping through the doors into Peggy Bown Dentistry, it’s difficult to believe the location was once home to a fast food restaurant. With crisp white walls, metallic gold accents, and sleek modern furnishings from Tuck, the dental clinic has a serene spa like feel. 


As mentioned, the building used to be the home of a Harvey’s restaurant. To rid the space of any traces of what it was before, a complete gut job was an absolute must! Here is a photo of the interiors before and after the demolition.


After about a year of intense renovations, Peggy Bown Dentistry opened their doors to reveal and totally transformed space without a trace of what was there before. Bright, energetic, and vibrant are a few words that come to mind whenever we think about Peggy Bown Dentistry. Take a look through the after photos! We hope this throw back will inspire you like it has inspired us. 

We’d like to thank everyone involved: 

Architecture: Heather Bown and James Bugden
Interior Design: Judith Mackin and Tuck Studio
Photography: Kelly Lawson
Cabinetry: Christoph Malinowski – CM Woodcraft
General Contractors: ICR – John Hickey
New Wave Electric
McKay Plumbing
Dowd Roofing
Wacky’s Flooring

Interior Signage: InColor
Interior Painting: Dynamic Painting (Dave Hershey)
Logo design/Branding: Lise Hansen / Bonfire Communication
Dental Supply Companies: Sinclair and Henry Schein
Computer Services: McLean Micro

A huge thank you to Peggy Bown for allowing us to play a part in this transformation! 

Thank you for reading! Click here for all our before & after’s! Thinking of taking on a project in the your own home or business? Schedule a consultation with Judith Mackin. For $160/ hour Judith will visit your home or business and give expert advice on room layout, furnishings, lighting, art, flooring and paint choices. She’ll help you reimagine everything from a one-room makeover to a complete renovation. Good Design begins with a plan. And that plan will save you money.

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