From the Archives: Bunkie, a 320sq.ft cabin on the Saint John River

Warm weather has us dreaming of lazy days spent at cabins and cottages. There’s nothing like spending a day lounging by the water, far removed from the hustle and bustle of every day life. These dreams remind us of a project from three summers ago, a tiny 320 square foot cabin named Bunkie

This micro cabin was the solution to Don & Patti’s limited guest space in their main cottage. Rather than tackle the project themselves, they enlisted the services of Tuck Interiors, Punch Inside at the time, to take creative liberty inside the cabin. 

Before getting into the photos, we’d like to shout out to Don & Patti for inviting us to be a part of this project! Almost 4 years later, Bunkie is certainly one of our favourite projects and for that reason, we can’t help but share the finished product again! Thank you!

Thanks also to photographer, Kelly Lawson, for all the after photos! 

Finally we can get to the photos! The Interior of the cabin is completely clad in natural pine boards and accented by modern furnishings from Tuck Studio. The pine boards frame the 3 full size bunks and the steps leading to the top. Each bunk has a double bed, personal lighting, electrical outlets, and flat screen TV! 

Tuck Interiors Interior DesignAbove: Umbra Oh Chairs Surf Blue, Gus* Sudbury Dining Table, Gus* Jane Loft Bi-Sectional

Due to the proximity of the water we knew any furniture and accents we used in this cabin had to be tough! The casual seating area is outfitted with durable and, most importantly, comfortable furniture. The Gus* Modern Jane Loft Bi-Sectional in charcoal grey is in contrast with the light wood clad walls. In addition to the furniture, we installed Umbra Cubist Wall Shelves on the wall to display small decor which Don & Patti collected over the years

Above: Gus* Jane Loft Bi-Sectional, Umbra Cubist Wall Shelves, Darren Emenau Ceramics

In addition to being completely wipe-able, the Umbra Oh Chairs can be pulled outside for extra seating on the patio. These lovely indoor/ outdoor chairs can also be stacked for easy storage and transport. 

Tuck Interiors Bunkie Interior DesignAbove: Umbra Oh Chairs Surf BlueGus* Sudbury Dining Table, Suzanne Hill Artwork

Rather than filling the space with large bulky furniture, we kept everything low to avoid blocking the view. The large windows were framed in the same material as the walls, resulting in an unobstructed view to the beautiful scenery outside. 

Tuck Interiors Bunkie Interior Design

Of course the most noteworthy part of this project is on the outside, the beautiful location and stunning views! 

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