End of a (three-year-lease!) era, and onto the next adventure!

Several years ago I took a tour of the then-under-construction Bustin’s Building with Keith Brideau. We were working with him through Tuck, offering lighting options for the apartments Historica was preparing upstairs. Our tour eventually led us down to the basement which, at that time, consisted of some really rough, unpromising spaces.

My heart raced.

 I stepped out of the meeting with Keith to call my husband, Robert, and said, “I need to take and restore one of these spaces!”

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I had no real business plan, but I could see that this alley in particular, and Grannan Street in general, was on the cusp of some exciting and meaningful change, and we wanted the opportunity to be part of it.

I dragged my friend and fellow local entrepreneur, Mike Duncan, in to look at the space which is now Rogue Coffee. For a long time, Grannan Alley was populated by Tuck InteriorsRogue Coffee and, for a year or two, Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club.

Initially I had planned to use the space for my interior design offices (read article: “What’s on my desk: Judith Mackin” here). This lasted about twelves minutes. The important factor that I didn’t take into account was that I couldn’t be in two places at once. Although it was a great place for working in silence, I was constantly running down to Tuck to be with my team and our clients.

Read: What’s On My Desk: Judith Mackin, an article by Cherise Letson on Huddle

It was at that point that we started using our space for pop-up shops and special events within our own company. These included various art exhibits, the launch of SLAB, wood from the hood,’ and Uptown Sparkles events.

About a year ago we changed the zoning with the city and set the space up as a rental venue for everyone. Rentals included team building gatherings, film locations, pop-up shops for retail and art, along with seasonal and private parties.  Some wonderful people got married in this space as well!

And, then before we knew it, our three-year lease was up! We had to decide whether or not we would continue on with the lease or let this marvelous space go. It wasn’t an easy decision.  We very much loved being part of the community on Grannan Alley and the space itself was so incredibly beautiful.

We couldn't have asked for a better neighbor than Rogue Coffee!

However, as we are working on another downtown project (our Commercial loft at 115 Prince William Street being turned into a LIVE/WORK unit), we decided to let this space go in the hope that the next renters will love the space as much as we did and add something new and wonderful to our thriving uptown core!

We thank Historica for allowing us to help restore this special space and we thank everyone who participated in any and all events that took place over the last three years.  I believe the space is still available for lease and you can contact Historica Properties here.

Please follow along to learn about our LOFT project in this blog.

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