Chris Lloyd’s Saint John Rooftops are available for purchase now! Online & In Person at Tuck

We are thrilled to announce 20 new paintings by Chris Lloyd are now hanging on our walls at Tuck! Each of these beautiful paintings are acrylic on plywood and framed beautifully by Chris. These paintings are online now and available for purchase through our online shop!

Everyone is encouraged to purchase online now or call the shop after 9am to purchase over the phone. And, of course the paintings will be available to purchase throughout regular showroom hours. As these pieces will go quickly we are unable to hold any of the paintings.

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“I graduated from NSCAD in 1999 with the desire to paint curtailed by a desire to express projects in a more eclectic range of mediums, ranging from compulsive letter-writing, cup-collecting, sports and politics. I’ve been writing almost daily email to the Prime Minister of Canada since 2001 – and yes, I’m still doing it. No, none of them have personally written back. I’ve photographed, collected and made paper from hundreds of found Tim Horton coffee cups, traveled across the country in a performance art alter-ego called Everyday Goalie, created monoprints direct from manhole covers, infiltrated the Conservative Party of Canada and then ran against Justin Trudeau in the 2015 federal election. I am currently cobbling together a living as a gallery technician, furniture maker, and handyman as I juggle single parenthood, social activism, decolonizing myself and making paintings once again in a studio in Tiohtià:ke / Montreal.” – Chris Lloyd

“The Rooftops Redux series is based on a few paintings and oil pastel sketches I made between 1994-96 that were quite popular critically and commercially. Since moving into a new studio in late 2021 and looking for a subject to paint I decided to revisit the original Rooftops and try to remake them – not to remake the views, but to see exactly what effect two decades might have on my painting practice. Most of the paintings in the Redux series are derived from 2 large works in the collection of Peter Simpson and Jennifer Campbell: Horsfield Street and Down Canterbury Street. These works themselves were based on numerous oil pastel drawings I had made of this particular view from my third-floor apartment – with rooftop access – on Germain St. in 1994-96. The act of re-working the same two paintings over and over became a kind of dialogue with an earlier version of myself. It is a bit like traveling through time, reimagining and recreating spaces from the memory of paintings past. ” – Chris Lloyd

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