16 Sep It’s today: ‘Rugged Beauty’: Tuck’s Fall 2017 Launch – 10-5 Everyone Welcome.

Since we opened five years ago we've been committed to completely changing our store around, two to three times a year, with with new product and creative displays for either a spring, fall or Christmas campagin. And, now that it's officially the new season of sweaters and golden leaves, we've switched...

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10 Sep Save the date: Introducing ‘Rugged Beauty’ Tuck’s Fall Collection 2017 Saturday Sept 16/17.

We herewith announce the arrival of our Fall Collection 2017:  Rugged Beauty! As described in our invitation above, the collection has less to do with ‘trends’ and everything to do with craftsmanship and honest materials: natural comfort wedded to timeless beauty. As is our custom, we'll be closed...

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30 Aug TONIGHT, August 31, “life in the john_” premieres at Tuck Interiors! Visit BCK Creative’s photography exhibit from 6-8pm at Tuck Interiors (38 Grannan Alley)!

A REMINDER - YOU ARE INVITED:  TONIGHT, THURSDAY AUGUST 31ST, 6-8 PM – “LIFE IN THE JOHN_” – EVERYONE WELCOME. We’re hosting BCK Creatives'(@bckcreatives) photography exhibit, “life in the john_”: a unique vignette featuring the architecture and beauty of abandoned buildings right here in Saint John. The creative...

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27 Aug Tuck Interiors is proud to launch its first pop up shoppe: BCK Creatives “life in the john_”!

Motivated by the same fierce, twenty-year commitment to emerging art and artists that gave Saint John  Third Space Gallery, on THURSDAY, August 31 from 6-8pm, Tuck Interiors will be launching its first-ever pop-up shoppe!  (38 GRANNAN STREET) You've likely seen our space.  We're on the corner of...

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27 Apr A BREW-TIFUL BEFORE AND AFTER REVEAL: The Five Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse + A SHARE TO WIN CONTEST!

The Five Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse is located in one of St. Stephen's oldest buildings, the train station. The vision for Picaroons and The Five Kings Restaurant was to provide a beautiful and unique dining atmosphere in the heart of St Stephen.  "A warm and...

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