11 Jan Peggy Bown Dentistry gives new meaning to “Extreme Makeover.”

Typically when we create 'Before & After' posts for our completed interior design projects they involve a run-down of what was going on in the space before hand -- what the space had going for it and what wasn't working. It most cases the previous...

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Tuck Studio, Saint John’s premiere furniture, lighting and décor studio, is heading ‘Uptown’. Early in the new year, owner and designer Judith Mackin and her team will be moving Tuck Studio from its current north end location, 40 Autumn Street, and setting up shop at...

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05 Jan Thandi’s Restaurant Reno Revealed & A Share-to-Win Contest!

Since its doors opened in 2006, Thandi Restaurant has been a favourite dining destination in Uptown Saint John. Owners Ken and Holly Singh have used their extensive restaurant expertise to create a unique dining experience not only for the greater Saint John region but for the province as...

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03 Jan It’s Here! The Gus* Modern 15% off – #GROWMODERN Event Starts Now! – and an exciting announcement for TUCK STUDIO!

With the new year comes TWO exciting announcements from TUCK STUDIO.  The first is the news that we're now the EXCLUSIVE provider of Gus* Modern in New Brunswick!  That's right -- Saint John is now the only city in New Brunswick to carry Gus* Modern...

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11 Nov The Saint John Ale House launches the “OH! ROOM – the stand-up/sit-down event room!”

About a year and a half ago we had the opportunity and privilege to undertake the Saint John Ale House pub makeover with Peter Stoddart and his contracting team, Peace of Mind Management.  Since that time we have made steady changes to the upstairs of the Saint...

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04 Nov For Community Release: Thandi Restaurant taking it up another design notch!

For Community Release: Saint John - Thursday, November 5th, 2015 After almost 10 years since Holly and Ken Singh opened their doors to Thandi Restaurant, they're proud to announce another design makeover in the works on their main floor. Beginning at midnight on November 7th, 2015, the...

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26 Oct A Before & After Makeover: Jen Shea & David Gamble – new home, new interiors for the newlyweds!

I met Jennifer and David almost two years ago.  I'll never forget Jen's enthusiasm the day she walked through TUCK's doors!  At that time she had just moved here with her new husband, Dave, and they were in the midst of house shopping. Jen wanted to...

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