08 Oct Design Driven Column: A tantalizing thinkfest – Featuring Paul Rowan of Umbra

Lately, the announcement of an upcoming ‘conference’ engenders in me little beyond mild curiosity – interest liberally leavened by a certain wariness. All but gone are the days when, after gamely signing up for yet another professional conference and carefully penciling in a scheme of wonderful-sounding...

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05 Jul Design Driven Column: Reader Redesign — Black Beauty Bedroom

This column was also published here in Telegraph Journal's Salon. As a design columnist, I often receive correspondence from readers working on interior projects, either seeking advice or sharing insights. Less frequently, an email arrives in my inbox from someone explaining a redesign they're working on and...

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20 Jun Design Driven Column: Ottawa Architects launch line of furniture – Medina Design

This article ran in the arts section of Salon, in the New Brunswick provincial Newspaper, Telegraph Journal here. ------------------ On a regular basis, I receive media releases from various design houses around the world introducing new product and design. Understandably, the bulk of these releases come from American...

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