12 Jun Design Driven Column: Vacation: All I ever wanted

A version of this column ran in the Telegraph Journal’s Art Section ‘Salon’ – Design Driven by Judith Mackin _____________________________________________ Vacation: All I ever wanted. For any traveler, various factors come into play when booking accommodations.  For most, I suspect, it’s a combination of price (as determined by the...

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02 Feb Design Driven Column:- A guest bathroom of honour.

A version of this column ran in the Telegraph Journal's art section, SALON; column - Design Driven. Powder rooms, guest bathrooms, 2nd bathrooms – by whatever name, these invariably small ancillary facilities constitute, at least potentially, areone of the most interesting rooms in your home. Photo: Hemmings...

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18 Jan Design Driven Column: Coast Modern: a documentary review

A version of this column ran in the Telegraph Journal, Salon (arts section) Column: Design Driven on Saturday January 19th 2013. __________________________________ REVIEW: Coast Modern Directed by:  Michael Bernard, Gavin Froome 55.30 minute2012 While on line recently, I happened upon Coast Modern, a film on Modernist Architecture.  A link took me to British Columbia’s...

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04 Jan Your WOW design moments of 2012! (Five to remember.)

A version of this column ran in Saturday's Arts Section 'Salon' in the Telegraph Journal, January 5th 2013. ______________________ Your Best Design Moments of 2012! As you may recall, in Design Driven’s column of December 22nd – the last of 2012 – I described my top three design ‘wow’ moments of the year. What follows...

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22 Dec Year end ‘WOW’ design moments: A Chair, A Bear & Designer Daycare.

A version of the column ran in the Telegraph Journal's art section Salon in my column 'Design Driven' on December 22nd, 2012. _______________________ As someone who happily invests enormous amount of time and effort studying and researching design, I’m not entirely unaccustomed to ‘wow’ moments.  And when those moments...

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10 Nov Design Driven Column: Breaking the backsplash mould.

A version of this column ran in the Telegraph Journal's Art Section'Salon' - my design column, 'Design Driven' - Saturday, November 10th 2012. __________________________________________ Along with a range of obvious advantages, open concept living – so popular in modern home design – brings with it certain challenges....

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