An Interview With Christiana Myers: “Salt Spell” A Third Shift Installation Sponsored by Tuck!

Ellen met with Christiana Myers earlier this week to discuss her upcoming Third Shift Installation which is sponsored by Tuck: “Salt Spell”. 

Watch the video interview between Ellen & Christiana and be sure to continue to read for more information about “Salt Spell”! 

THIRD SHIFT artist Christiana Myers will be installing her project, Salt Spell, on August 23 from 10AM-3PM by the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal.

Salt Spell will comprise a durational performance and drawing installation made of salt situated at the edge of the Saint John Harbour that will emulate a magic circle—an elaborately patterned design used to delineate a protected area in the practice of ritual magic.

Visit Salt Spell anytime between August 23-26, you won’t want to miss this!

“Salt Spell”

Sunday, August 23rd 10am – 3pm

At the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal 

Sponsored by Tuck Studio

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