A new mid-century modern modular shelving system from Gus* Modern!

The new Branch Modular Shelving System, from Gus* Modern, blends mid-century style with modular components that give you an infinite number of elegant, open-storage options for home or office. The design features varying bookshelf configurations that can be transformed into a seamless workspace with the addition of a desk unit.

Additional add-on units let you customize the size and layout of your shelving system to perfectly suit your space, and the shelves are height adjustable to suit any arrangement of decorative items or resources. Refined details, such as rounded edges on the shelves and uprights, soften Branch’s aesthetic and enhance its architectural style. Straightforward installation means you can spend more time perfecting your vision and display. 

Gus* Modern Branch-3 Shelving Unit w/ desk (blonde uprights, white brackets, blonde shelves)

Branch is available in 3 colour combinations: 1) Blonde Uprights/ White Brackets/ Blonde Shelves, 2) Black Uprights/ Black Brackets/ Black Shelves, 3)Black Uprights/ Black Brackets/ Blonde Shelves. 

Shop the new Gus* Modern Branch Modular Shelving System online and contact us, or visit us in store, to place an order! 

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