A Home to Grow Into: our latest before & after reveal!

In December of 2017, Robin Clouston & Warren Coombs came to us for help with redecorating their newly purchased home. After living Uptown Saint John for some time, they were ready to expand into a larger home and found one on the west side of the city.

As always, this project began with one of our home consults. Judith visited the home and did a walk through with Robin & Warren. Fortunately for us, having only just purchased the home, it was almost completely empty of all furniture leaving us with a totally blank canvas! This gave us the chance to reimagine the home and how each room could best suit Robin and Warren’s lifestyle. 

During the consult, Judith learned that Warren is a science teacher at St. Malachy’s High School, where our very own Josh went to school! Robin is an Emergency & Family Physician at the Saint John Regional Hospital, originally from St. John’s Newfoundland. 

“I was eager and admittedly a bit nervous to work with Warren (or as I still have a habit of calling him, Mr. Coombs).  I never had the chance to take any of Warren’s classes in school but he did oversee many committees I was involved with. He helped me a lot throughout my final year of school and I wanted to be sure his house was perfect. Thank you Robin and Warren for choosing to work with us!” – Josh

During the latter part of the renovations, Robin and Warren received the news they were pregnant with their first baby! Here’s Robin nearing the end of her pregnancy, which at the time we didn’t know but she’d deliver her baby within days of this photo being taken!

Robin and Warren’s house is one of our favourite types of houses to work with. Why?  Because, we love the opportunity to transform a traditional, otherwise conventional suburban home into something fresh, contemporary and that reflects their personalities.   The best part? It’s all cosmetic changes. Meaning, no construction, aside from updating the fireplace, was required.  With the inclusion of paint, furnishings, decor and plants – lots of plants! – their home is perfect for three!

It was wonderful working with Robin and Warren to transform their new house into a home that reflects their personalities and style. Before jumping into the photos, we’d like to thank everyone who worked on this project. 

Paint: Tim Desmond
Furniture, Lighting, and Decor: Tuck 
Interior Design & Decorating: Judith Mackin & Tuck Interiors 
Fireplace Tile & Electrical: I.B. Kennedy Construction, Ivan Kennedy 
After Photos: Kelly Lawson

Of course a special thank you to Robin & Warren for allowing us to be a part of this makeover! 




Lucca LF-02 MH Brick/ Multi 2’6″ x 7’6″ runner, Lenola Mirror (Tuck). Modernica Casestudy Planter from Galbraith Florist. Coat Hooks & Shelf from Reclaimed Oregon (Etsy). 

Lenola Mirror (Tuck) with succulents from Galbraith Florist

Modernica Casestudy Planter (Galbraith Florist). Gus* Modern Margot Chair, N-Product Urbanwood Map of Uptown Saint John (Tuck

Dining Room

EQ3 Harvest 87″ Dining Table, Gus* Modern Thompson Chairs, Lotus LB-01 MH Black/ Silver 7’9″ . x 9’9″ Area Carpet, Fly Trap Ceiling Mount Lamp, Gus* Modern Margot Chairs (Tuck). Prints from Twisted Sister Boutik

Gus* Modern Pawn Stool in Walnut, Gus* Modern Margot Chair, New Rifle Paper Co. Cushion Black, Umbra Shift Cowboy Coffee Kettle, Umbra Shift Sediment Cups, and Umbra Shift Campfire Trivet. (Tuck)

NEW! JAW Pottery Fruit Bowl & Planter (Tuck

Living Room



Umbra Hub Mirror 37″, Gus* Modern Sparrow Glider & Ottoman in Velvet London, Gus* Modern Tobias Coffee Table Rectangle, Gus* Modern Metric End Table, Edge ED-01 Ivory 7’9″ x 9’9″ Area Carpet (Tuck

Fireplace: Clé Tile Harold 8″ x 8″ Encaustic Cement Tiles 

Imm Living Pithos Vase, Florentine Pot (Tuck). 

Gus* Modern Jane Sofa in Stockholm Cobalt, Gus* Modern Tobias Coffee Table Rectangle (Tuck). Hexagonal Shelving from Sasha Weekes of Timber Grove Studios, PEI. *The Jane Sofa in Stockholm Cobalt is no longer available. Check out the newly redesigned Jane 2 collection and the new fabrics here

Jonathan Adler Muse Bowl & Votive (Tuck).

N-Product Uptown Saint John Wooden Coasters, The Lost City by John Leroux, Prism Votive, on a Gus* Modern Metric End Table (Tuck). 

Gus* Modern Metric End Table Walnut (Tuck

Breakfast Knook

EQ3 Salema Armchair in Herringbone Azure, Gus* Modern Metric End Table Walnut, Gus* Modern Wireframe Coffee Table, Gus* Modern Sudbury Dining Table Oak, Gus* Modern Thompson Chair Oak/ Vinyl Snow, Gus* Modern Acrylic Wine Rack (Tuck

EQ3 Pebble Vases (Tuck)  

Home Office



EQ3 Tate Dining Table, Eiffel Side Chairs w/ Walnut Base, Lotus LB-05 Area Carpet 5’6″ x 7’0″ (Tuck

EQ3 Novah L-Desk 67″ x 55″, Gus* Modern Thompson Chair Oak/ Vinyl Coal (Tuck




Lucca LF-02 2’6″ x 7’6″ Carpet Runner (Tuck). Modernica Casestudy Planter from Galbraith Florist




EQ3 Reclaimed Teak Bed Frame King, EQ3 Reclaimed Teak Nightstands, Loloi x Rifle Paper Co. Cushions, Ferm Living Quilt Cushions, Robert Moore “Raven #1” and “Raven + Wasp” Acrylic on Canvas, Anastasia 6’7″ x 9’2″ Area Carpet (Tuck

EQ3 Reclaimed Teak Dresser, Oryx Round Mirror (Tuck

EQ3 Reclaimed Teak Night Stand (Tuck

Jonathan Adler Muse Bowl, Gus* Modern Gallery Tray (Tuck

Pamela Marie Pierce Illustration on Birch Panel (Tuck

Look through all the after photos here

Since these photos were taken, there has been a new addition to Robin & Warren’s family. Welcome baby Evelyn! Congratulations! 

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