5 Dramatic Wallpapers Guaranteed to Inspire, From Tuck!

There was a time when just mentioning wallpaper was enough to send a person into a frenzy. It was a bad word in the design world, invoking worry and dread whenever the topic was approached. It conjured images of outdated rooms and flashbacks of hours spent scraping layers off walls. 

Thankfully, you won’t find any of those wallpapers at Tuck! The days of awful wallpaper are behind us as we welcome a new era of stunning, well designed wallpapers that transform a drab room into something truly unique and special. 

Among the leaders in the industry is Cole & Son, one of our favourite wallpaper brands. Since their establishment in 1875, Cole & Son has maintained a beautifully curated library of classic block prints exclusive to them, pulling designs from their extensive collections proven to stand the test of time and never fall out of fashion.

Today, we’re sharing 5 examples of the beauty of Cole & Son’s wallpaper to inspire creativity! We hope you enjoy. 

Cole & Son Versailles Grand 

A grander version of the Versailles wallpaper, produced in two colourings of fresh pink, chartreuse and lime and a more autumnal mulberry, amethyst and copper. Echoing the glorious French scenic wallpapers of the eighteenth century, Versailles Grande comprises an A and B roll set, giving a dramatic full width repeat of 137cm. 

Cole & Son Versailles Grand (2 roll set) 99/16064

Cole & Son Jaspe Stripe

One of Cole & Son’s oldest designs, the Jaspe wallpaper has an enduring and refined air of elegance. Historically produced by hand at the Cole & Son factory in North London with a random brush effect, the design has been modernised and placed in a large stripe repeat to create a balanced, yet seemingly irregular strié in a wide range of sophisticated colourings.

Cole & Son Melville 

Melville takes its inspiration from those fantastic fictional seafaring journeys of our past. With its finely engraved turtle bearing whales gliding to and fro on an ocean of gentle waves, Melville is offered in five colourings of soft and dark charcoal, aqua-green, cloudy grey and a stormy midnight and bronze. 

Cole & Son Forest

It’s no wonder that Silvan forests feature so heavily throughout literature and folklore; the sense of being wholly enveloped upon stepping into an array of trees and undergrowth as far and wide as the eye can see creating an awe-inspiring feeling. Translated here in Forest’s large-scale, intricately hand-painted, fantastical trees, the dappled light traverses through far off branches as the dense ground cover emits the warm and welcoming woody fragrance of childhood memories.

Cole & Son Flamingos

Flamingos remains one of Cole and Son’s most popular designs, with its charming repeat of nonchalant birds and subtle background foliage. Presented in four complementary colour palettes of Olive, Ballet Slipper, Lilac Grey, and sumptuous Ink and Alabaster Pink.

 All of these wallpapers and more are ready to order at Tuck! Visit us in store to look through our sample books and let us help you find the perfect wallpaper for your home. 

Thank you for reading! 

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