3 washrooms by Tuck featuring beautiful back-lit Lumi Design mirrors!

Lumi Design specializes in sleek, seamless back-lit mirrors, proudly made in Canada! The company, based out of Toronto, has over 20 pre-designed back-lit mirror options as well as customization options. We’ve been working with Lumi Design since Tuck was established in 2012 and have had the opportunity to include their beautifully designed mirrors in a number of our washroom makeovers. Here are 3 washrooms by Tuck featuring Lumi Design back-lit mirrors! 

1 | Yacht Haven

This washroom is from a home makeover in Millidgeville in 2014 on Yacht Haven Lane. The house is a minimalists dream with clean lines and white, airy spaces. A Lumi Design back-lit mirror was the obvious choice for the washroom. Featured is the Lucy back-lit mirror.

Distinctively circular, the Lucy back-lit mirror creates the perfect balance of ambient lighting and softness. It brings an understated gesture of grandeur with its sweeping shape, while still remaining ultra modern. The open housing allows it to emit a smooth, continuous wall glow.

Available to order in 3 sizes: 28″, 30″, and 36″. And the choice between cool 4100k LED or warm 3000K LED lights.

Read the full Yacht Haven before & after here.

2 | Jeff & Laura Brewer’s Spa Like Washroom 

The Lumi Design Amy mirror was the ideal choice for Jeff & Laura Brewer’s spa like washroom! After having just finished a total gut makeover, transforming their washroom into a sleek, sophisticated space, the last thing Jeff & Laura wanted was to clutter the vanity with sconces or pendants. We opted to install the Amy front-lit mirror 24″ x 40″.

Read Jeff & Laura’s full before & after here

3 | Hopscotch Whiskey Bar 

The washroom on the lower level of Hopscotch Whiskey Bar in Saint John is an open unisex space with 2 private stalls and a communal area for washing up. The space is intentionally dark with Ceragres Corten floor and wall tiles, charcoal painted walls and ceilings, and black fixtures. To counter the dark materials, we opted to install 2 Lumi Design Amber back-lit mirrors (24″ x 48″).

These mirrors not only offer a great distribution of light throughout the space but are also ideal lighting for checking and applying makeup. The light shines directly at the face, unlike overhead lights which cast shadows.

Read the full Hopscotch before & after here

Visit Tuck in store, 122 Prince William Street, to learn more about Lumi Design and to see the Lucy back-lit mirror in person! 


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