attention art lovers of saint john: introducing a limited-edition series of saint john landmarks by christiana myers!

Landmark Collection by Christiana Myers

We are offering this limited-edition collection at a special price of $600 for the complete set (value $720). Following the first week of sales, theses pieces will be available to purchase individually at the regular price of $120/ea.

This series of silkscreen illustrations celebrate some of Uptown Saint John’s most recognizable landmarks—both past and present. Whether you’ve been a Johnner your whole life or are new in town, you’re likely to recognize most, if not all, of these sights. The series includes Trinity Church, the King’s Square Bandstand, Saint John’s Cenotaph, the Loyalist Burial Ground Beaver Fountain, the now demolished Gothic Arches Church, and finally Tuck’s home, the Old Post Office Building. Whether you collect all six or just one, the hope is that these prints will be reminders of the art, architecture, and character that make Saint John so special.

Landmark Collection by Christiana Myers ($600 for 6 Set Collection, framed). 

This limited-edition series will go on sale on Friday, May 7th at 7am sharp! There are just 12 of each image available, and for the first week following its launch, the series will be sold as a complete collection of six framed pieces. Hang them together or divide them amongst your friends – that’s up to you! We will be offering the collection at a special rate of $600 for the set. So be sure to visit us online (Online Store) or in store to purchase your set! As of May 14th, these prints will be available for purchase individually for $120, framed each.

Additional information:

  • Silkscreens are done on heavyweight watercolor, cold press, acid free paper measuring 5.5” x 8.5″
  • EQ3 frames are ½” solid walnut with tempered glass and matte board. Total frame measures 13” x 13”. 
  • Frame included. Prints will not be sold without the frame. 

Gothic Arches by Christiana Myers ($120, framed)

Trinity by Christiana Myers ($120, framed)

Beaver Fountain by Christiana Myers ($120, framed)

Post Office by Christiana Myers ($120, framed)

Cenotaph by Christiana Myers ($120, framed)

Bandstand by Christiana Myers ($120, framed)

About Christiana Myers

Above: Christiana Myers photo by Katelyn Price

Christiana Myers is an artist, curator, writer, and museum educator living in Menagoesg/Saint John, New Brunswick. She holds a BFA from Mount Allison University and a MLitt Curatorial Practice from the Glasgow School of Art. She has undertaken artist residencies and curatorial projects in Atlantic Canada, Montreal, Finland, and Scotland, and now works closely with The New Brunswick Museum and Third Space Gallery. Her artwork, whether installation or print-based, often explores ideas of place, relationships, care, and belonging. 

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