NEW! Prints & Stationery from beloved brands Gingiber, Baltic Club, and Hester & Cook! Available now at Tuck!

On the hunt for some fresh art to rejuvenate your home decor? Search no further! We’re pleased to introduce brand new art prints from beloved brands Gingiber, Baltic Club, and Hester & Cook! Frame them, pin them, hang them. Showcase these prints however you like! Also introducing, from Baltic Club, gorgeous notebooks! Continue reading to learn more about these exciting new releases, available now at Tuck! 

The Baltic Club

Baltic Club is a stationery and lifestyle brand. They create original and inspiring objects that bring up happiness and make your home beautiful. Their mission is to create positive emotions and spark wonder with simplicity.

Established in 2014, Baltic Club was born from the will to grow a business based on the creativity of its two co-founders, Mélanie and Brice. Whether it’s through the design of stationery products, art prints or even watches, they aim to bring joy while being original and inspiring.

They are located in the Mile End, a trendy Montreal neighbourhood. It’s in this cute little space that they create, wrap and ship all their products with great care. 


Gingiber is the work of artist Stacie Bloomfield. Once upon a time, Stacie couldn’t find artwork for her daughter’s nursery and decided to take matters into her own hands. She kept being drawn to the irresistible essence of animals: their furry faces, their perky ears, their plethora of colors and textures. Animals simply have a way of being adventurous and fun: visually, figuratively and literally. At Gingiber, they believe life should be that way, too.

Their original designs feature bold, vibrant colors and unexpected patterns.

Hester & Cook

Hester & Cook started in the home basement of husband and wife team Robbie and Angie Hester Cook. What began as Robbie’s inspired idea of crafting a vintage doorknob into a bottle stopper soon became the company’s first product, KnobStoppers. 

Today they are best known for their paper gorgeously crafted paper placemats, table runners, and art prints.  

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