NEW: The Gus* Modern Elora Storage Cabinets & End Table!

Introducing the Gus* Modern Elora Collection, new for Fall 2020! We are pleased to announce that we are now showcasing two pieces from the collection, the Cabinet and the End Table, at Tuck! 

The Elora collection combines the traditional aesthetic of classic beadboard cabinets with solid craftsmanship and muted, contemporary hues to create a distinctly modern design. Featuring a smooth satin finish, delicate brass-plated handles, and precision-cut doors on an elevated platform, the Elora Cabinet provides ample storage within a minimalist, contemporary form.

In front of our JF Fabrics “In Bloom” Wall Mural (from Tuck) is the Gus* Modern Elora Cabinet in the Satin Pearl finish. 

Elora is available to order in three colours, each in a soft satin finish. Choose from pearl, chiffon, or dusk!  

Beside our Gus* Modern Parkdale Bi-Sectional we’re showcasing the Elora End Table in Satin Chiffon! 

You can shop the new Gus* Modern Elora Collection online using our online shop and of course visit us at Tuck, 122 Prince William Street in Saint John to view Elora in person! 

If you’ve fallen for Elora, bring it home! Please contact us if you have any questions.