Announcement: Tuck is reopening with reduced hours! Way to go New Brunswick!

Dear Tuck community,

First off, way to go New Brunswick for following the rules!  

Second, we at Tuck can’t wait to see, serve, and virtually hug every one of you this week. But we are going to open slowly, mainly because, to be frank, our store looks like a tornado hit it!  We weren’t prepared to open so soon and so we need to not only get the store set up with stock but also set up with measures to protect you and our team as we move through the next stage of COVID 19.

Therefore, for this week, and maybe the next few weeks after, we are going to have reduced hours!  We’re open this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12-5, more than enough time to come see some super gorgeous new furnishings we now have in stock, to say nothing of new planters, cushions and fabulous decor!

Of course, we are still offering curb-side pick up from 9-5 and you can still call the store for your orders, shop & order online.  Or shop off Instagram stories!  

As always, then, follow along on our instagram, Instagram stories and facebook.  And don’t forget to sign up for our emails at

See you soon,

The Tuck Team