What We’re Loving: Striking New Floor & Wall Tiles from Ceragres!

Durable, long lasting, and low maintenance are among the reasons why we love tile. It’s perfect for any room, especially high traffic areas like entrances, mudrooms, kitchens, and washrooms. We’re proud to be a Céragrès Tileshop, giving us access to over 100 floor and wall tile collections. Their unique selection of tiles range from minimalist large format porcelain tiles like their Architecture series, to small scale mosaics like their Stil series.  

Each time a new collection is released, we can’t help but imagine ways in which we can incorporate them into our homes and our client’s homes. Lately, we’re LOVING any tile with a pattern, texture, or dynamic colour that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression. Here are just some of the collections we’re loving right now from Céragrès

Ceragres Spatula 4″x8″ Tiles

Ceragres Spatula 4"x8" Ceramic Tiles in Bleu Baltico Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)

Spatula is a collection of double-fired ceramic tiles that combines contemporary style “Urban Chic” with handcrafts. This name comes from the tool used to spread the glaze on the bisque, which involves a manual intervention that gives an irregular and unique appearance to each piece. Spatula collection represents the fusion of high craftsmanship with design; its warm and natural colours, empathize the raw material of which it is composed.

Ceragres Spatula 4"x8" Ceramic Tiles in Bianco Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Ceragres Spatula 4"x8" Ceramic Tiles in Argento Antico Metalli ($18.99/sq.ft)
Argento Antico Metalli ($18.99/sq.ft)
Bianco Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Bleu Baltico Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Grigio Arenaria Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Grigio Calce Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Mattone Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Nero Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Rame Metalli ($18.99/sq.ft)
Verde Agave Opaco ($14.99/sq.ft)
Ceragres Blues 8"x8" Ceramic Tiles Mixed ($9.99/sq.ft)

Universal and always modern, navy blue remains a timeless classic. BLUES is available in an 8×8 square format and displays smart, explosive geometric patterns. Choose between four models to create clever or improvised layouts. For a sharper collection, a single model matching a navy blue or white background also remains an excellent choice. In all cases, it’s a surface that never fails to impress.

Blues Blue ($9.99/ sq.ft)
Blues Decor A ($9.99/sq.ft)
Blues Decor B ($9.99/sq.ft)
Blues Decor D ($9.99/ sq.ft)
Blues Decor E ($9.99/sq.ft)
Blues White ($9.99/sq.ft)
Ceragres Bold Mat Line 16" x 32" Marsala Tiles ($9.99/sq.ft)

This spectacular wall collection comes in the unique 16×32 format. Available in four soft vintage-inspired colours, BOLD also features two 3D patterns and one smooth tile. The first three-dimensional pattern inevitably brings to mind toy building blocks, and the second has delicate lines for a great contrast. In the same colour, combining the patterns in different designs brings a unique energy to a space. 

It’s hard to choose between retro soft green, daring powder pink, mustard yellow, and calm creamy white.

Ceragres Bold Line 16" x 32" Sage Tiles ($9.99/sq.ft)

Bold plain surface tiles are $8.99/ sq.ft and the Bold patterned tiles (Line & Round) are $9.99/sq.ft. 

Bold Marsala
Bold Mustard
Bold Sage
Bold White
Ceragres Futura Drop Blue 6"x6" ($14.99/sq.ft)

FUTURA is an enamelled porcelain tile in a 6×6 format that is clearly inspired by Bauhaus designs, which appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Since then, modern art has become a staple in all fields with geometric shapes and graphics that provide a strong visual impact.

Available in five designs, the cement grey, white, and black colours are also accompanied by millennium pink and a neutral blue.

Winner of Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year 2018: TILE AND STONE AWARD
Designlines LoveTag at IDS 2019

Ceragres Futura Mixed Tiles Rose 6"x6" ($13.99 - 14.99/sq.ft)
Ceragres Futura Mixed T-Blue & Drop 6"x6" ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura White ($13.99/sq.ft)
Futura Grey ($13.99/sq.ft)
Futura Rose ($13.99/sq.ft)
Futura Blue ($13.99/sq.ft)
Futura Half White ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Half Rose ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Half Rose ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura T-White ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura T-Blue ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Triangles Grey ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Tubes Grey ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Drop White ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Drop Blue ($14.99/sq.ft)
Futura Drop Black ($14.99/sq.ft)

All of these Ceragres tiles and many more are available through Tuck! Visit us, 122 Prince William Street in Saint John, to view samples and pick one that’s right for your home.

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