Umbra 18" Hub Mirror Black Tuck on barn board wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Shop in stock mirrors at Tuck!

We have a hard time deciding which of these mirrors is the fairest of them all. Each unique mirror has something about it we just love. Stop by Tuck to shop our great selection of mirrors and find one to perfectly suit your space. We have plenty of options from small 18″ Hub mirrors to large floor mirrors. Here are 6 in stock mirrors ready for you to take home today! 

New! Umbra 18″ Hub Mirror in Coral, Black, or Grey! 

A simplistic and versatile modern mirror. Introducing HUB 18” MIRROR from Umbra The HUB Mirror looks great in any room it’s put in. Its innovative rubber frame makes it more durable than a typical wall mirror, and gives it a modern, industrialized look that is sure to compliment any decor. – $60

Umbra 18" Hub Mirror Black Tuck on barn board wall
Umbra 18" Hub Mirror, Black - $60
New! Umbra 18" Hub Mirror, Coral
New! Umbra 18" Hub Mirror, Black
New! Umbra 18" Hub Mirror, Grey

Umbra Hubba Mirror, Brass Frame 

Gold, simple and elegant, the HUBBA MIRROR fits and complements any space. It’s large size and decorative brass frame attracts more light, making the space appear larger and brighter. Hubba is a 34-inch diameter mirror. All hanging hardware is included! – $130 

Umbra Mira Mirror

Bringing warmth and light into your home, the MIRA MIRROR’s wood frame and semi circle shape work together to create a contrasting and contemporary mirror that flatters any décor. Designed by Lauren Reed, Mira measures 21 ½ x 20 ¾ x 1 ½ inches. – $90

EQ3 Conner Mirror, Medium with an *Ash Frame 

The Conner Mirror from Umbra is a truly minimalist mirror. With its soft, rounded edges, this circular mirror works well in any room. Hang it above a dressing table, in a bathroom, in an entryway, or wherever your heart desires. – $149.99 

*The Conner mirror with an ash frame is no longer in rotation meaning the stock we have are all that remains of this style and no special orders will be possible. Still available to order in black or white! 


EQ3 Spy Mirror, Square Black

I spy with my little eye an EQ3 Spy Mirror, in stock at Tuck! This minimalist mirror features a black steel frame and measures 24″ x 24″ x 1.8″ deep. Perfect for entryways or a small washroom. – $99.99 

Below: bedroom by Tuck Interiors featuring 3 EQ3 Spy mirrors. Photo by Heather Farrell

Umbra Hub Floor Mirror

 Umbra Hub Floor Mirror is creatively designed to function as a standing floor mirror and an organizational ladder that you can hang clothes and other belongings on with easy-to-store solutions for clothing, towels and accessories. Items can neatly and efficiently be placed while using limited floor space. The mirror in the front allows you to gather belongings on the ladder behind it, keeping your room clutter-free. 

Hub’s black rubber rim adds a beautiful modern look, while also ensuring no damage to the floor.

23″ deep x 16″ wide x 62″ high