Back to School! Get ready for the new school year with decor and storage accessories from Tuck!

With the lazy days of summer coming to an end, the first days of school are creeping up! Soon it’ll be time to hang up the bathing suits and dig out the textbooks. While we never like to see the summer holidays come to an end, it’s exciting to think about what lies ahead! Embrace the new school year with these in stock decor and storage accessories from Tuck! Whether you’re completing a degree, teaching, or have a little one just starting their first year of school, Tuck has something for you! 

Umbra Hammock Accessory Organizer

Keep your work space clutter free and organized with th Umbra Hammock Organizer! This unique accessory organizer is ideal for storing reading glasses, sunglasses, smartphones, keys and more. The tiered pocket design was inspired by a traditional file organizer where the contents are stored neatly, yet are easy to find. Suitable for use in an entryway, or on a bedside table or desk. Install on a wall, place on a surface or store in a drawer.

When hung on a wall, Hammock’s front wire can be used for storing glasses, scarves, and accessories.

Measures 7 x 4 ¾ x 6 inches. 

Small Grey: $20 
Large Black: $25

Imm Living Pastel Pastiche Rabbit Pencil Case

For the kids and kids at heart, this whimsical pencil case is inspired by collage. Delicate flowers and a lithograph-inspired rabbit lend a graceful edge to this unique stationary. Stow your office staples or your best drawing kit with these stationary supplies- this nostalgic case will brighten up a dreary day. 

Price: $18

JAW Pottery Mug – Iron 

You’ll need one of these when you pull an all nighter! Refuel with cup of hot coffee in this large JAW Pottery Mug! In stock in iron, this is a lightweight mug with a great handle that feels comfortable in your hand. Handmade with a light grey/white clay in Nova Scotia by JAW Pottery. Glazed with non toxic food safe glossy clear glaze.

Price: $42

Umbra OH Chair 

The Umbra Oh Chair is a comfortable and adaptable chair, can be used in any space including in an office. Lightweight and stackable, this chair is a modern essential that works anywhere, even outside! Designed by Karim Rashid. The Oh Chair measures 24″ x 34″ x 24″. 

Available in black, surf blue, or white! 

Price: $75

Above: The Umbra Oh Chair in Surf Blue featured in this tiny Bunk House on the Saint John River, Bunkie! In this space, the Oh Chairs function as dining chairs, extra seating in the living room, can be moved outside when needed, and offer a great spot to work. When they need to extra space, the Oh Chairs stack for easy storage. 

Umbra Oh chair Surf Blue tuck
Surf Blue
Umbra Oh Chair Black Tuck
Oh chair white tuck

Umbra Potsy Planters (set of 3) 

The Umbra Potsy Planters is the perfect desk accessory.The Potsy Planter comes in a set of three ceramic planters each resting on their own geometric wire stand. A modern way to add some natural greenery to your space, planters can be tilted at different angles to show off the growth of your plants.

Price: $50

Available in black/ gold or white/ nickel. 

White/ Nickel

EQ3 Boxy Table Lamp (2 sizes) 

Perfect for late night study sessions, the EQ3 Boxy Lamps are minimalist design at its finest. The seamless frosted glass shade softly diffuses light, offering equal distribution without the need for bright direct light. Available in 2 sizes: Large (7.5″x7.5″x7.5″) or small (6″x6″x6″). 

Large: $79.99
Small: $59.99

EQ3 Kaleb Task Lamp

This industrial inspired Kaleb task table lamp has a functional, adjustable arm. Switch out the base for an included clamp and attach to your desk or side table to free up space! Direct light for reading, studying, drawing, etc… 

Large: $69.99

Notem Notepads & Weekly Planners

Keep your schedule and tasks organized with these Notem notepads and weekly planners. The Notem Milo weekly planner has horizontal columns and contains 23 undated weekly spreads.

Notem’s UMA Notepad presents a blank left page, with a lined right-hand side, leaving space for sketches, mindmaps, notes and doodles. The notebook is sown along the back so that, when open, the notebook presents a perfectly flat surface, with a seamless transition between left and right.

Milo Weekly Planner: $29
UMA Notepad: $39

Notem Milo Weekly Planner- Light Grey
Notem Uma Notebook. Photo by @mirabelle_bakery

Everything featured in this list of back to school items is available at Tuck! Visit us, 122 Prince William Street in Saint John, to shop our collection of home decor, furniture, lighting, and accessories! 

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