In Stock Cash & Carry Items for weekend decorating!

Weekends are for decorating! And there’s no better feeling than finding that special something and realizing it’s in stock and ready to take home! Our storage space might be limited but we always try to keep some dining chairs, end tables, and accents in stock for quick cash and carry instant gratification! 

Here are just a few items we have in stock, ready to take home! 

The Lightbox is a lamp, a seat, and an accent table all in one. It casts a pleasing ambient light for interiors or covered exterior spaces. The cube-shaped shell has no visible seams and creates the effect of a glowing sculpture. $375

Featured: Gus* Modern Lightbox ($375). Photo by Kelly Lawson of Shawn Hingley’s Home.

With an iconic shape, this dining chair features a bentwood base and upholstered cushions. We have 4 Walnut/ Vinyl Coal chairs and four Oak/ Vinyl Snow chairs in stock and ready to take home. $325 each 

Featured: Gus* Modern Thompson Chair Oak/ Vinyl Snow ($325 each), Gus* Modern Sudbury Dinette Table ($950). Photo by Kelly Lawson of Robin Cloustin & Warren Coombs’ home

Gus* Modern Thompson Chair Oak/ Vinyl Snow
Gus* Thompson Chair Walnut/ Coal | $325

Lucca Area Rug, LF-02 Brick & Multi 5’6″ x 7’6″ 

Created using the most advanced rug-making technology, the coveted look of rich reds, deep blues, and sheared texture once only offered by high-end antique dealers is now available at a remarkably affordable price! What’s more, its cotton fibre with touches of polyester ensures long-wearing durability. (5′ x 7’6″, $479) 

Featured: The Lucca LF-02 Runner (2’6″ x 7’6″) shown in Robin & Warren Clouston’s upstairs hallway. Photo by Kelly Lawson. 

This solid oak mid-century style end table makes a great occasional table for any nook in your home. Take one home today! ($129)

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