Christmas Decorating

Finish Your Decorating, Just in Time for Christmas

Christmas is just days away! If you’re ahead of the game, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your decorating. Or maybe you’ve put it off and you’re just getting started? Lucky for you, we still have some Holiday decor in stock at Tuck Studio.

Topiary Tree, $19

These tiny topiary trees come in their own cement pot. Perfect for table tops or mantles! 

Photo by Kelly Lawson

Holly Votives, $8

The thin ceramic of these small holly votives glows when a candle is lit inside, adding the perfect ambiance to any winter night. 

Photo by Kelly Lawson

Holiday Olive Tree, $99

We love this nonconventional Holiday Olive Tree. Measuring just 40″ high, it’s perfect for small spaces. 

Photo by Kelly Lawson


Christmas Bear Ornament, $12

With cute bear illustrations, these ceramic ornaments make great holiday gift tie-ons and ornaments.

Visit us for more holiday goodies and more! We’re today, December 22, from 10-5, Sunday from 12-4 and for the truly last minute shoppers, Monday from 9-12. 

Thank you for reading, look forward to seeing you soon! 

Tuck Studio 2018 Holiday Look Book


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