At Tuck, we’re all guil-tea of enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea from time to time! Nothing helps power through the day more than a strong cup of coffee, and nothing helps us unwind more than a tasty cup of tea (except maybe a stiff drink). Not to mention how much it helps with our creativi-tea! So we make sure to keep our shelves stocked with plenty of products designed to help make our coffee and tea drinking experience even better! We’ve put together our list of 6 must try products! 

1, The Umbra Shift Cowboy Coffee Kettle

We’ve featured the Umbra Shift Cowboy Coffee Kettle on many occasions! The minimalist design modelled after a classic coffee kettle is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Available in a black or white finish with a natural wood handle and wood base. Visit the designer’s website, to watch a video on how this design came to life and a tutorial on how to brew coffee using the Cowboy Coffee Kettle. Where has this bean all my life? 

2, Kinto Slow Coffee Style Glass Carafe & Pour Over Set 

This Kinto SCS Glass Carafe & Pour Over Set is a classic coffee brewing method, elevated. The heat resistant glass lets you watch as the coffee drips through the filter into the carafe. The stainless steel filter extracts coffee oil for a rich taste. The dot on the side of the carafe indicates the perfect amount of water so you’re guaranteed a perfect cup every time. The holder serves as a measuring cup for the grounds and then gives you a place to rest the used filter. All parts stack neatly for easy storage. 

3, Normann Copenhagen’s Bliss Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl

Milk & Sugar? Deliver them in style using the Normann Copenhagen Bliss Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl. These ceramic dishes have a matte white exterior and a gloss white interior. The minimalist design is the perfect compliment to any set. By Italian designer, Odo Fioravanti, for Normann Copenhagen. 

What did the coffee say to the milk? “I’ll always make room for you!” 

4, Umbra’s Cutea Infuser 

“Hey Cutea, how’s it steeping?” This punny infuser features a metal basket with a matte white ceramic saucer to hold it when your tea is done steeping, making the perfect cup every time! Say goodbye to disposable tea bags. Designed by Eugene de Loynes for Umbra. 


5, Kinto’s Slow Coffee Style Mugs 

Number 5 on our list is the Kinto SCS Mugs! Perfect for enjoying a warm cup of whatever you want! This handmade porcelain mug features two coloured glazes, a wide handle for comfort, and a perfect shape that fits into the palm of your hand like it was meant to bean

6, Kinto’s Handmade Pebble Teapot 

The Pebble Teapot is handmade and inspired by rushing waters that shape stones and rocks to smooth curved pebbles. This Japanese teapot features a dripless spout, and a stainless steel basket to strain the tea leaves. Available in either black or white! 

Visit us on Prince William Street in Saint John to see what else our Kitchen section has to offer from coffee & tea products to dinner wares and drying racks! Thanks a latte for reading! 

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