23 Oct Happy Halloween, all year round!

If we’re being honest Halloween decor tends to lean mostly on the tacky side.  Which is fine as after all,  its meant to be fun, spooky and over-the-top for both adults and kids alike!

However, we like to be as festive as everyone else so we put together a few pics of our favourite ‘October themed’ decor items here at Tuck!  The beautiful part of our spooky position?  You can keep it out all. year. round.  BOO!

Here’s a few vignettes shot in Judith’s home (Tuck’s owner) on her iphone.   Full details in store at TUCK, drop by to see us this week and get your halloween goodies.

Featured above: Areaware Totem Candles in both black and white, three sizes, alongside EQ3 tea light holders all placed on a soapstone countertop from Select Kitchens/Sticks and Stones.   And check out these beautiful EQ3 Dawn Stools, made from Ash.

Featured above: Eq3’s Japanese-inspired Milk jug holds bullrushes for a flair of fall. Pick up some skull ribbon and your vignette is complete. Pawn Stool by Gus* Modern.

Christiana Myer’s Bat Silkscreen is as adorable as spooky! Alongside are nest cushions, Totem Candles, a gorgeous ceramic by Darren Emenau, icelandic blanket by IHANNA, a city of Saint John silkscreen by Chris Lloyd, a skull jewellry box, silk screen cushion by Lori Harrison and Umbra Prisma Wall Decor (black)

Although we find nothing spooky about Bison or Cactus, you still have to be very careful how you approach them! Here is a photograph taken by Dan Culberson of Bison in Manitoba. These photos come in 3 sizes and two images (starting at $40 Unframed), alongside beautiful blankets from Klippan. Cactus purchased at Cedercrest.

Chopped wood goes well with EVERYTHING. Featured here again the EQ3 Milk Jug, Areaware Totem Candles, Black Prisma decor by Umbra alongside a Dot & Lill Candle ‘Into the woods’

Skulls scary? We think not! These reversible cushions show colourful xray on one side and black and white xray on the other. We’re smitten.

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