What we’re loving at Tuck: Black will always be the new black!

Like you, all of us here at TUCK are inspired and influenced by the world around us. With social media sites designed to spark creativity and share it with our circles, we take inspiration from nature, fashion, and of course, design.

We’re hitting off the week with another handful of inspirational things from our team. In case you missed it, last Tuesday we shared our pink palate, “Making you Blush“. This week, we’re focusing on the other side of the coin, black.
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Black to the Future?

Interestingly enough, black was actually one of the first colours to be used in neolithic cave paintings. Greek potters also began to use the colour black in their work, creating the unmistakable black-figure pottery.

To us, black doesn’t have to remind us of darkness or the macabre. Black is sophisticated, sexy, and adaptable. We’ll show you why we feel that way:


a. “Take the High Road” – Pony Rider Tea Towel – Framed ($99)

Our Pony Rider Tea Towels look great in the kitchen, but how about your living room? Frame these beautifully designed tea towels for a super simple yet striking addition to your walls. We even have the frames to put them in, so we made it even easier – bring home a framed tea towel for only $99!

b. Ceragres Dot Tile – Black ($17.99/sq ft)

The Ceragres Dot tile is the design element that we can’t say enough about. These are making a comeback in the contemporary tile world! Looking just as good in a modern space as in a retro one, these penny tiles will create a major impact on a backsplash or on a shower floor. DOT will add a lovely texture and a fresh and inviting look to your kitchen or bathroom. Choose from 6 colours and your own grout to make a stunning combination.

c. Photo of King Street, Saint John – 1970’s

If you’re from Saint John, you’ll feel a tad nostalgic when viewing these photos of the city from the 1970’s. It’s quite astounding to see how the city has changed over the decades!

dAnne Sloan Chalk Paint – Graphite 

Graphite is a soft black inspired by Lamp Black, a traditional pigment. It works for many interiors from neoclassical to modern. When waxed, it becomes a beautiful black like dark slate.

e. Anne Sloan Chalk Paint – Paris Grey

Soft, gentle Paris Grey is inspired by the painted furniture found in elegant French châteaux or old Swedish manor houses. It’s made from a mix of blue and orange, so it works naturally well with these complementaries. Use it over Primer Red or Cream, or with Old White or Original.

These chalk paints are for the crafty and creative alike. They’re available in 100ml cans for small projects or litre cans for large ones! Pick some up at Suite Serendipity here in Saint John, or at Carte Blanche in Moncton!

f. Moooi Smoke Chair (prices available on request.)

Furniture finished with fire. The beauty and character of burned wood is now captured in long lasting material, creating the strange sensation of sitting on burnt furniture.

We’re very excited to be partnering with Moooi. The anticipated opening of our new design offices, Tuck Interiors, will feature exciting new designs, one of which is the Smoke Chair.

g. Alexandra McQueen Clutch – Ella the Shop ($600)

See this post from @ellatheshop here!

h.Umbra Shift Cowboy Coffee Kettle ($90)

This Cowboy Coffee Kettle is based on traditional open range fire brewing. Bring water to a boil, add ground coffee and let it steep. Pour slowly and enjoy. Present your enamel kettle on its beechwood trivet. Available in black and speckled white. Serves 4 cups of delicious cowboy coffee.

i. Suzanne Hill – “Code” Series – Mixed media, 2016. ($290 unframed)

These mixed media collages measure 15” x 17” and look wonderful when placed alone or with others in the series. Take a look at the rest of the collection.  For all other work please visit Buckland Merrifield Gallery:

j. Gus* Modern Spencer Sofa ($2150)

This sofa has blind-tufted seat and back cushions with a wood base. It includes 2 square side cushions. Constructed with 100% FSC®-Certified Wood in support of responsible forest management.

Tuck Studio is the exclusive brand partner for Gus* Modern for New Brunswick and we accept layaway (with no interest!) on your terms! Just ask us!

k. Lori Harrison “Cedarvale” cushion ($125 / $160)

Beautifully hand crafted.  Screen printed bronze metallic print on 100% linen. Brass zipper detail and leather tab. Each pattern is inspired by observing what might be overlooked as everyday or commonplace.
Made in Toronto.
Stop by to see some of the other Lori Harrison cushions we have here in the studio, and see her newest works at our Spring launch on April 1st! 

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