Tuck Studio presents: 12 Days of Umbra! Win all 12 days of holiday giveaways!


TUCK is proud to present 12 Days of Umbra! This is an exciting giveaway we are doing in celebration of the holiday season and Umbra’s beautifully designed products. Each item has a refined design created by a member of the Umbra team. Check out all the details linked below!

From December 5th to the 16th ANY purchase made in store will earn you a ballot to be entered into a draw to win all twelve items included in the 12 days of Umbra (value: $612.00)! The range of items on this draw are a perfect fit for any personality on your list this year. Each day we will feature several gift ideas so stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for all our updates!

In addition, TUCK will match the monetary value of these items ($612.00) and make this donation to Outflow Ministry.

The draw for these items will be held on Saturday, December 17th at noon.


DAY 1: Stealth Shelf ($25)


The Umbra Stealth Shelf is a powder coated metal angular shelf that can be mounted in two orientations, making it a flexible component of a wall composition. The black finish on this shelf keeps visual noise to a minimum, and is an essential to any home.

Designed by Jordan Murphy

DAY 2: Hammered Head Corkscrew & Bottle Opener ($15)



The Hammered Head Corkscrew and Bottle Opener takes a fun twist on the traditional T-shaped bottle opener. With it’s visual similarity, the hammerhead shark seemed to fit the bill perfectly – the punny name didn’t hurt either! It’s mouth is shaped to fit the tops of your bottles, and it’s removable nose doubles as a corkscrew.

Designed by Alan Wisniewski

DAY 3: Set of 4 Anigram Ring Holders ($8 ea/$32 for 4)


The Anigram Ring Holders come in the shape of an elephant, giraffe, bunny and reindeer and we couldn’t pick just one to include so we’re including all 4! They are inspired by modern animal illustrations and sculptures. The shapes, proportions, and material finishes in this family create this refined approach to jewelry storage. They can be used as decoration and make perfect small stocking stuffers for your animal-loving friends.

Designed by Sung Woo Park

DAY 4: 2 Hub Mirror Hooks ($15/ $30 for two)

The Hub Wall Hooks
are a wall mounted accessory mirror with a solid wood hook for functional and decorative organization. Designed for those that tend to do a last minute touch-up before heading out the door. A great addition to any entryway or living space.

Designed by Jordan Murphy

DAY 5: Meta Wall Clock ($60)


The Meta Wall Clock‘s solid all-metal construction paired with the design’s purposefully soft lines and curves makes this timepiece the perfect addition to any modern home or office. It has a non-ticking, quiet and smooth sweeping movement, making it less of a distraction in your space.

Designed by Umbra Studio

DAY 6: Prisma Accessory Organizer ($15)

The Prisma Accessory Holder is a simple and elegant way to store your jewelry or small personal items. With a coated metal frame and linen tray, its delicate geometric design acts as both an art piece and a spot your jewelry to call home.

Designed by Sung Woo Park

DAY 7: Set of 2 Small Trigg Wall Vessels ($35)


The Trigg Wall Vessels are wall-mounted ceramic vessels dropped into a geometric wire frame. They can be arranged in a multitude of compositions. They are one the easiest way to stylize your wall space with greenery or other small accents. We will be giving away the brass and white vessels, which come in a set of two!

Hack: Use them in a bathroom to store Q-Tips or cotton balls in or in an office for pens!

Designed by Moe Takemura

DAY 8: Prisma Wall Decor ($35)


The Prisma Wall Decor  are brass plated metal geometric shapes which can be hung from the ceiling, wall mounted, or displayed on any flat surface. Update your space instantly using plastic clips to join two pieces together to complete a set of three (which can be hung from the included hook hardware and wire), or wall mount the complete set of six.

Designed by Joel Yatscoff

DAY 9: Tuck Storage Box ($30)


Made of bamboo, the Tuck Storage Box is a swivelling storage box that has 3 tiers of nesting space that all fold back into a uniform cube. Lined with velvet to protect your items, this box is the ideal way to store a lot in a little space.

Designed by Lawrence Chu

DAY 10: Strum Wall Shelf ($15)


The Strum Shelf is a contemporary metal shelf that plays on clean lines and edges. It mounts in three different orientations to create simple, elegant patterns. Holds magazines, books, stationary, or a cellphone and wallet. Perfect for any office, entryway, kitchen or area of the house that could benefit from a little more storage!

Designed by Laura Carwardine and Chifen Cheng

DAY 11: Hub Wall Mirror ($180)


The Hub Wall Mirror is an over-sized glass mirror with a modern rubber rim. Emerging from a need for simple, functional wall décor, the robust, strong silhouette and protective “bumper” is a causal, innovative design solution. This mirror with transform any space by boosting lighting and visually expanding the space.

Designed by Paul Rowan

DAY 12: 2 Black Oh! Chairs ($70 ea. $140 total)


The Oh! Chair is a dynamically designed seating option that can be used for dining, living, and working. It has a polypropylene seat with matte finish and powder coated steel legs with nylon feet, making it easy to wipe clean from any spills.

Designed by Karim Rashid

We would also like to give a huge shout out to the Umbra team for donating the two chairs for this giveaway.

Come see us, purchase an item from TUCK and enter for your chance to win all 12 days!  Remember you have to purchase something through Tuck to be illegible to participate in this Umbra Contest!  See you at the store from December 5th to December 16th, 2016. (Note we are closed on Mondays) Here our our holiday hours:

Sunday: 12-5pm
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10-7pm
Wednesday: 10-7pm
Thursday: 10-7pm
Friday: 10-7pm
Saturday: 10-5pm

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