This Thursday! These Very Waters – An exhibition of photography on textiles | May 26th, 4:30 – 6:30


Allie Beckwith and Katie Bell (formerly Killen) are the creators of aka décor. As cousins and like-minded souls born and raised in Saint John, it was their mutual love of poetry and the ocean that brought them together to produce this exclusive series: These Very Waters.

Allie is a professional photographer with a degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD University. Photography has taken her across North America, shooting fashion editorials, backstage, and runway. Painting and mixed media art are also high on her list of interests. aka décor combines art, photography, and design.

Katie is a veterinarian and mother whose life has always involved various forms of creative expression. Sewing is something she has always enjoyed and she loves being able to use her skills to help create these handmade original cushions.


Allie (right) and Katie (left) are both excited and honoured by this opportunity to share their passion and artistry with fellow lovers of this special place.

Artist Statement:

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Port City. Renaissance City. Harbour City. There are many ways that our city is identified, both by natives and by visitors. Personally, when we think Saint John, we think beaches. We think of crashing waves and driftwood, expansive views, sparkling sea, and steep embankments overlooking rugged coastline. Remarkable beaches are very much part of the unique, dynamic nature of Saint John.

We present our view of these beaches in counterpoint to poetry written by 19th century New Brunswick poet Charles G D Roberts.


Here is (another) sneak peek for those who follow us and are excited to see these beautiful handmade cushions!


Photography Info:
Shot with a Canon 60D
50mm 1.2 & 17-35mm 2.4
Locations: Bayshore Beach, Saint’s Rest & Tin Can Beach
Poetry from: Grey Rocks and Greyer Sea, Monition, The Iceberg, Twilight on Sixth Avenue, and Tantramar Revisited – all by 19th Century Poet Charles G D Roberts of Douglas and Westcock, New Brunswick

Plan to attend! Everyone welcome.