West Coast Dweller meets East Coast Dwelling!

I had the privilege of meeting my client just prior to Christmas of last year. She had just moved here from Vancouver to take an on new position in the media industry. She had looked at several houses and decided on one in Millidgeville, on Yacht Haven Lane.

The house was then under construction by A.E. McKay builders and, happily for her (and me!), the house was about 80% complete so there was time and opportunity to make changes.  And the changes we wanted featured clean and modern lines, minimalist layout, and white, airy spaces.

Two of the most dramatic features of this property are the natural light and the views.  She has the good fortune of waking up and seeing water from her back and front windows.  Her house is literally built between two bodies of water.

Above: View from the client’s window. Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving

Our role was to offer suggestions on paint colours, wallpaper, lighting and decor, furnishings and materials and to incorporate what belongings she had brought with her into a cohesive design.

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
For the entrance we chose a modern tile (stacked), with a simple seat for keys or for sitting to zip up boots.  The walls throughout the entire house are our signature paint colour (Benjamin Moore Oxford White CC-30), accented with a wallpaper from Farrow and Ball.
The ceiling fixture, of Swarovski crystal, belonged to our clients parents’ collection.  Due to its age, the fixture needed restoring, which was done by Richard’s Service Center on Waterloo Street.  Featured above: Stool – Pise Line from 18KARAT (Tuck Studio).  Porcelain Tiles – Floor Fashions Ltd.

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
As you leave the entrance, directly to your left is the client’s dining room.  We recommended that she keep her glass table but paint the base from dark brown to Oxford White -CC30 to match the walls.  We then paired the table with six dining chairs and added a splash of wallpaper and a dramatic sculptural light.
Featured Above:  Light fixture:  String White Light from Nuevo (Tuck Studio).
Wall Paper: Design: Crivelli Trellis from Farrow&Ball.
Chairs:  End – Ray, Central – Max both from Nuevo (Tuck Studio)
Flooring:by Floor Fashions Ltd.

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Wall paint colour: Benjamin Moore Oxford White CC-30 Placemat: Silver Dahlia from Chilewhich (Tuck Studio)

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving

The double parlour leads your eye toward the back of the home with a fireplace and a feature grey wall for visual interest. Still life on the right hand wall is from her parent’s collection and its by Frances-Anne Johnston, whose works are now sold at auction by Roberts Gallery. 

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Grey Felt Chair: Patrik Lounge Chair from Nuevo (Tuck Studio)

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: LC2 Petit Modele , black leather Two Seat Sofa designed by Le Corbusier

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Sofa: Trudeau in Cabana Husk from Gus*Modern (Tuck Studio).
Coffee Table: Hull Coffee Table from Gus*Modern (Tuck Studio)
Floor Tiles:  Rake Me Over in Bone from FLOR
Living room collage

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Top image: Hull Coffee Table from Gus*Modern (Tuck Studio) Middle Left Image: left to right Printed Letter Pillow from Pi’lo (Tuck Studio), O Fortunati Pillow designed by Judith Mackin made by Nicole Tarasick (Tuck Studio). Middle right and bottom left images: Wooden bowl is by David Meade, and book collection- client’s own. Bottom right image: King Street Pillow by Kelly Lawson (Tuck Studio)

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Counter Stools: Graph Stools from Gus*Modern (Tuck Studio)
Accent wall and stair colour is Behr Mined Coal UL200-2. A  The painting on the grey wall is by B.C. artist Druh Ireland and is called “I am Down on my Knees”, a tribute to those who went before her and inspired her. Our client supported an organization called Coast Mental Health when she lived in Vancouver, and bought it an one of their fundraising events.  Three pendant lights above the counter: Bright Side Lights designed by Rich, Brilliant, Willing in White Satin from Artecnica (Tuck Studio).

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Countertops: Carrera Marble from Take it for Granite, Sussex Corner, NB.
Backsplash from Floor Fashions Ltd. The backsplash Subway tiles were stacked, not staggered for a more modern look.

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: A copy of a Ray Lichtenstein given to our client from her friend.  Client’s red distressed cabinet.

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Mirror: Lucy Backlit Mirror from Lumidesign (Tuck Studio)
Faucet and Hardware:  Emco Corporation  Plant: Atlantic Superstore

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Ceiling Fixture: From West Elm. The painting in the bedroom is by B.C. artist Wayne Leidenfrost and it is called “Irises”. Client’s bed and night stand. Accent Pillow (on the bed) is a Lansdowne Pillow by Kelly Lawson (Tuck Studio) Eames Lounge and Ottoman from Chandler Sales

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Porcelain Hexagon Tile from Floor Fashions Ltd.
Hardware and bathtub from Emco Corporation.
Ceiling pendant: Norm 03 by Normann Copenhagen (Tuck Studio)

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Featured above: Hardware and Faucets from Emco Corporation 
Wall Sconces from Eurolite (Tuck Studio)
Client’s side table
spa trio

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving

Photo: Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving
Another beautiful view to leave you with from the client’s back window.

For more photos, please browse through the album below (all photos by Hibiscus Studios/Jennifer Irving).

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