The last time I spent this much time in a bar in Market Square it was the mid to late 80’s and I was underage!

Times change and I can no longer cut a rug — or see the bottom of a mug — at Stokeley’s, Chevy’s, Spirits, Grannan’s or Baldy’s.


But time, age, and maturity has its compensations:  thirty years later (ouch) I find myself in the Saint John Ale House Pub, spending a lot of time with owner Peter Stoddart and ‘Top Chef‘ Jesse Vergen hashing out interior design details for the pub’s – wait for it – new makeover! Peter opened the SJAH exactly 10 years ago to the week that we will be renovating. And he plans to keep going for another 10 years at least. What better way to say ‘thank you’ to the legions of customers who’ve supported his establishment than an extreme makeover.

Together, we are going to transform the interiors of the present bar from this (pic below) to ……….. (wait and see!)


I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you this much:  Peter is a machine. The timeline he’s given us is virtually impossible but we’ve accepted the challenge and going with it! We’ll be starting the renovations  Sunday, May 4th (after the Bryan Adams Concert -which, incidentally, I’m going to!).  The pub only will be closed till Friday, May 9th, when it opens again to it’s patrons.

Keep in mind there will definitely be a temporary bar upstairs and the full restaurant will remain open for the duration of the renovations.

The final renos (all complete) are set to be finished by the end of May.
Drop by, drop in and follow us on social media to get sneak peeks: @judithmackin @sjah_nb @jessevergen

Oh, and what is the design going to be like you ask? Local + Kick Ass.  #RENALESANCE #therebirthofbeer

Looking forward to working with all of the staff at the SJAH:  Moosehead BreweriesPOMM, B&N Flooring, Brent Rourke, Philip SavageTuck Studio, 3’o’Clock, Trevor Pierce, and the new up & coming wood-worker extraordinaire, Chris Barry (Bear!)

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