A Vertical Indoor Wall Garden – BEFORE & AFTER by Judith Mackin, Robert Moore & Kelly Lawson

A short while ago, I found myself with time to kill in a hotel room. As I often do, I switched on the TV.  We don’t have one at home so it’s something of a novelty! A show called Shark Tank was on and I was immediately taken by these two young designers pitching their invention ‘Urbio’ – a modular vertical indoor garden.

Not only was their product practical, it was beautifully designed. And yes, they had me at ‘white’.
urbio designers
Photo: Submitted – Urbio is collaboration between Beau Oyler, Jared Aller and the Enlisted Design team. They’ve won numerous design awards and are constantly striving to create products that will benefit mankind.

Since that time, the URBIO designs have surfaced in magazines like Dwell and GQ and that design junkie’s website & Blog, Apartment Therapy.

Confession:  I’m neither lucky nor good when it comes to indoor houseplants.  If you want to put out a contract on a cactus or sedum, I’m your girl.  So, although I love plants our house is devoid of them. We collect art instead. And lots of design furnishings and objects.

However, recently I decided that we’d have to move one of our favourite pieces of artwork by Suzanne Hill because it found itself, for too many hours of the day, in direct sunlight. This would be the perfect place for Urbio.


Pre urbio with painting light
Photo: Judith Mackin – here is the before picture of our main living room art wall. As you can see the sun is hitting the painting to the right directly.

Ready for planting
We received Urbio in the mail. I decided to go with 5 of the ‘happy family kits” which contains:
– 2 Wall Plates (with Brackets, Screws and Sheet Rock Anchors)
– 1 String Bean
– 1 Wide Mouth
– 1 Shorty
Terrific names!

We set our breakfast nook up with lots of plants (surprisingly inexpensive) and we were ready to install.  Second confession:  I issued a lot of commands and did the folded arms below the pursing of lips reflective thing;  my husband, Robert, did all the installing.

Instructions Urbio

Photos: Judith Mackin – As you can see by our pics above the Urbio kits come fully equipped with really easy instructions and all the screws you will need for assembly. (You’ll need a level and a power drill). Stella by the can not included.


We thank our dear friend and collaborator, Kelly Lawson, for taking our ‘after’ pictures which really capture the simplistic beauty of Urbio in a living space.


Livingroom 10.09.2013 (1) reduced
Photo: Kelly Lawson  The Urbio vertical wall garden has replaced our painting and rescued it from the direct sunlight.  The flourish of green in our living room got us inspired to bring some more plants into the space as well. 

Livingroom 10.09.2013-4 - reduced
Photo:  Kelly Lawson – Our painting by New Brunswick Artist Gordon Jennings is beautifully balanced and juxtaposed with ‘live’ art – Vertical Garden of plants.

Livingroom 10.09.2013-5 - reduced

Photo:  Kelly Lawson – Here you can see how we arranged 9 of the 10 plates and the magnetic containers onto the wall. These can be pulled off the wall for watering and then instantly reattached.

Livingroom 10.09.2013-10- reduced
Photo:   Kelly Lawson (please see full photo album below for a full viewing of the Urbio designs in our home)

Livingroom 10.09.2013-18 - reduced
Photo:  Kelly Lawson – We had one extra plate so we decided to hang it between two large living room windows.  They are placed between three bronze and wood sculptures by New Brunswick Artist, Marie Hélène Allain.

Livingroom 10.09.2013-17 - reduced
Photo:  Kelly Lawson  – Another shot showing ‘Wide Mouth’ injecting some green life into our living room.

How do you get Urbio?  Presently they don’t have a Canadian Distributor, so you have to order on line.  Rest assured, I fully intend to carry these at TUCK STUDIO when they do become available through a distributor.

You can order here on line:

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