A cosmetic before & after makeover: Kelly Lawson Living Space!

Friend, colleague, mother of Jude, wife to Jeff, and amazing photographer,  Kelly Lawson, recently undertook a limited ‘make-over’ in her living room.  Happily for us here at TUCK STUDIO, she shared her before and after pics with us.

Tired of her existing furniture, she decided to add a few choice pieces to make her room more inviting, modern, and ‘renaissance’ city proud.  All photos by Kelly Lawson.  Note:  * See contest at the end of this post… you can win!


The living room furnishing were concentrated in one half of the room, two armless chairs dominating the centre of the room.
The back half of the room housed leather banquets they were rarely, if ever, used.
The sofa had become a sore spot for Kelly in that only two people could really sit on it comfortably when company was over.

With a few purchases and deletions Kelly transformed her room into a much more spacious environment.



Kelly chose the Gus* Modern Jane Bi-Section (Urban Tweed) as the replacement sofa in her living room. By placing the sofa in the centre of the room, it actually makes the living room feel more spacious.  (Painting in background, Gerard Collins)


The sofa now faces the fireplace thereby allowing more guests and family members to cuddle up on the 5-6 person sofa. She kept her existing black leather chair.


Jeff purchased the Gus* Modern GT Rocker on the right several months ago. It had been in their uptown office.  On the right are some Gus* Modern Picture Rails used to house some of Kelly’s favourite Saint John art.


From left to right: “Man hole”- frottage rubbing by Chris Lloyd (TUCK STUDIO); ukulele, framed map of Saint John from the City Market, two art pieces by Karina van der Linden, and framed print of Amsterdam.


In keeping the Saint John theme, Kelly was one of the lucky eight who purchased the “Mel for/is Mayor” limited edition pillows last year from TUCK.


The YSJ pillow, also from TUCK Studio, introduces a lovely pop of colour into this contemporary space.

CONTEST: There are 9 items in this living room that came from TUCK STUDIO. Email me judith@judithmackin.ca – listing those items and you may win a Tord Boontje ‘Thinking of you’ vase – as featured on Kelly’s fireplace (that’s hint #1)   Take a scroll through Kelly’s detailed pics below to get more clues.

Thank you to Kelly Lawson for sharing these pics with us.

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