LIVE LIFE AWARDS 2013- The ‘After Life’ & ‘behind the scenes’ post from the Artistic Director

On the evening of June 6th the now bi-annual Live Life Awards graced the presence of Saint John’s Uptown once again. This year the event was held at the new Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal.

With red tables in abundance and a swanky mod 1950’s vibe, the night was by all counts a great success.  To see UPTOWN SAINT JOHN’S Wrap up Post, please visit here for a detailed list of winners.

Here are my top 10 favourite photos from the event (all from Sean McGrath and Kelly Lawson):

Photo:  Sean McGrath.

First off, a recognition to our committee:   Peter Asimakos, Tracy Hansen, Leslie Keating, Stephanie Bell and Cathy Hutchinson.  They were a great team to work with and we shared a mutually creative vision.

Photo:   Kelly Lawson

Secondly, a major thank you to the presenting sponsors:  Commercial Properties and Uptown Saint John.

Much appreciation also goes to all the Event Sponsors:  Port Saint John, Hemmings House Pictures, Hairacy’s, Element5 Spa, and BonFire.

A big shout out to all the award sponsors:  Enterprise Saint John, Cox Palmer, In Color Inc., Bell Aliant, Moose Light, Canaport LNG, Saint John Waterfront, UNB Saint John, Market Square, Brunswick Square

On site Collaborators:

Photo:  Amy Stewart

Having seven paparazzi greeting all guests on the red carpet set the tone for the night.  Huge appreciation to the following photographers who shot, blogged and made a terrific impact on our event:

Paparazzi:  Joanna Belyea: | Barb Crawford:  Twitter:  @barbarbbarbbarb | Gillian Goldie | Graeme Stewart-Robertson Twitter:  @graeme_sr | Amy Stewart:  Twitter @pickettfence | Courtney Gallery | Bryn Robinson: Twitter @brynphd

Red Carpet film and hosts:  Three cheers for Greg Hemmings | Hemmings House Pictures for attaching himself to Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair as they rocked the red carpet.  Here is a short film capturing the vibe from the carpet:

Where we began:

The most exciting part for me at the beginning of any event is two fold.  1.  Where will the event be held and 2.  What will the theme be?  I knew that I really wanted to hold an event in the Gangway at the new Diamond Jubilee after the first tour I had of the new cruise ship terminal.  And, I wanted to tie the theme in with madmen.

Port.  Party.  Paparazzi.

From there I engaged friend, long time collaborator and event sponsor  Lise Hanen, from Bonfire to work with me and to turn it all into a beautiful brand.

Speaking of beautiful.  I couldn’t resist placing this pic of Lise in here as she is such a beauty.  Thank you Joanna Belyea for capturing Lise in such a genuine way.

Photo: Joanna Belyea

Photo:  Kelly Lawson- We brought the brand through all elements of the event, including these buttons which were a great hit.

Photos: Sean McGrath – We created quotes for centrepieces from the MadMen era, including one from Roger Sterling,”Have a drink, it will make me look younger”.

Photo:Kelly Lawson- This is one of my favourite pics of the evening.  Kelly captured the models getting their ipads ready for the reception.  Each model was outfitted by local boutiques, hair and makeup and accessories.  They stood by one of the 11 tables – each representing the nominees and their category. A visual presentation was on each ipad and guests were invited to scroll through and learn about the nominees.

Images by Sean McGrath

Images by Kelly Lawson

Image by Kelly Lawson

Images above by Kelly Lawson and Sean McGrath – A big thank you to the Delta Brunswick for their creative touch in the catering!

Photo:  Kelly Lawson – Tomato | Tomato:  We thank Lisa and John for their wonderful jazz at the reception!

We are incredibly impressed with our Master of Ceremonies, Scott Thomas who deserves a standing ovation for his emcee performance!

Photo:  Sean McGrath

Major thanks go to all our models (who you will see in the photos below):

Erin Caines | Katie Stevens | Manami Fukuda | Sarah Jones | Megan Turvolgyi | Kayla Cormier | Chris Nadeau | Jody Kliffer | Michael Landry | Dave Holborn | Adams Conteh
And a huge shout out for all our Uptown Saint John Boutiques who provided our models, red carpet hosts, band and emcee with fashions, jewellery and accessories:

Exchange on Germain | Je Suis Prest | The Urban Shoe Myth | Silver Daisy Designs | Baubles | Colwell’s Mens | Colwell’s Womens | Heartbreak Boutique | Manchester Shoe Salon | Handworks Gallery | Birks | the Butcher’s Daughter

Also another round of applause for Hair by Adam Donnelly and Sara Hill of Hairacy’s and Tina Murtagh and Nicole Stevens from Element5 Spa for makeup.

A special thank you to Emily Teed, from me.  She was a complete joy to work with at Port Saint John, as well as all the port team!

Please enjoy the wonderful talents of Kelly Lawson and Sean McGrath in the photographs below.

The first set of photographs are by Sean McGrath. Please ensure you give photo credit when reposting.

The second set of photographs are by Kelly Lawson. Please ensure you give photo credit when reposting.

Note:  We all had a wonderful time at the AFTER PARTY at the York, Hilton Hotel, but we can’t post those pics as they may be too incriminating!  Thanks to Dermot and his team for providing a wonderful party.

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