Thandi’s Bar – a design update!

As some of you may have noticed, Thandi’s bar area has been ‘under construction’ for the last week and a half!

We sent out a notice last week with an announcement of the renos:


When Holly and Ken Singh purchased the restaurant they put a lot of time and energy into redesign. However, the restaurant bar is pretty much the bar it was at time of purchase.


Specifically, what they wanted from the bar was a new look, one better integrated with the rest of their restaurant, especially the long communal island nearby.

This week, our team at PUNCH INSIDE, along with Christoph Malinowski of CM WOODCRAFT and the staff at Thandi’s, have been installing the new bar.

(Gillian Goldie has also been at work with us on a new surprise ‘brand’ for the bar)


Be sure to drop by this weekend to see the progress!  There will be no interruption in service or hours.  We anticipate that most of the major changes will be in place by Friday.  Next week we’ll add decor elements to complete!

Also, be sure to pick up your tickets for a very special evening:  Chinese New Year, Thandi Style!

Saturday:  FEBRUARY 9th 2013 – 7:00 pm
Offering a 7 course meal + dessert (Baked Alaska)
Price:  $65.00 per person, $10.00 of which goes to the Saint John Boys and Girls Club

You can visit their website here.

Phone:  506.648.2377

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