SAINT STRUT: the inside scoop – a must attend event in our Renaissance City!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Brandi Cooper, Manager and Promotions Manager for Brunswick Square, who asked me if I’d be available to meet to discuss an upcoming event that Brunswick Square & Fortis Properties were hoping to put together in October.  I knew very little going in, apart from the fact that it would be ‘fashion’ focused event and they wanted to think “BIG” in terms of what they have done in the past.

After meetings and discussions with Paulette Hicks and Debbie Johansen of Fortis Properties, I was asked to put together a concept for a unique event that could be incorporated into a major fundraiser for the Saint John Regional Hospital’s Pediatric Ward, in close partnership with IODE.

Certainly fashion is an abiding interest of mine, but collaborations involving more than one genre are even more exciting especially if I can bring art and design into the mix!  I wanted an event that would highlight the city, specifically our historic beauty, and to tie that into films that would run in a different layout than the usual ‘runway’.  Essentially what came out of research, general brainstorming and more than a couple of 3 a.m. wake  ups, was an event I would call SAINT STRUT.

The idea is to highlight fashion with nine Brunswick Square merchants, to feature their new fall fashions.  The nine include:  Baubles, Colwell’s Mens and Colwell’s Ladies, Collectables, Je Suis Prest, Olsen Europe, Paddington Station, W Smith & Company, Franks Coats & Fashions and make-up by Perfumes Plus and hairstyles by Hairacy’s featuring Adam Donnelly and Heather Ayles.  Norman Hector Chiasson will be working with his models for the first two sets.

The final set promises to please with some exciting surprise guests.  Stay tuned for more info closer to the date.

Equally exciting are the evening’s hosts:   Mayor Mel Norton and his wife, Stephanie Bell.

The key to the uniqueness of this event is the layout and the films that will be featured in the background.  The stage will be set up as a large square with films projecting out to all four sides.  Four stores at a time will come out and rotate every two minutes or so that you, the audience have a show constantly moving in front of you.

The films will be created by photographer Sean McGrath, a visual artist I particularly admire.  His photographs are featured already on all the marketing material.  Included in Sean’s considerable resume is a video he did for the Playdates.  You can click below to see it.

Sean and I will be creating ‘larger than life’ backdrops for the various sets featuring Saint John’s historic architecture.

Aside from the fashion, the film and the architecture, your ticket entitles to fabulous food, a glass of wine, amazing gift giveaways, and the chance to participate in a silent auction. Best part? The tickets are only $40 each and the proceeds go to an amazing cause.

Jeff Roach from Sociallogical is doing a marvelous job promoting the event on FACEBOOK and  TWITTER, so be sure to Like the Saint Strut page and follow the news on Twitter.  Better yet, upload this fabulous graphic below (thanks Dawn Drew at Ink Graphic design) and share it on your facebook page, tweet it, or send it out in an email.  Share this post too if you feel so inclined.

We plan to sell this event OUT!  Don’t miss out:  over half the tickets are already sold!

As always, thank you for reading.  See you at Saint Strut!

Please click on the image below to read the formal press release sent out yesterday by Brunswick Square.

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