The countdown is on: Opera Bistro redesign begins in 10 days!

Start date:  We begin the renovation after the last customer leaves on Saturday night, March 17th! (Note: no disruption of service will happen – come in and chat with us as we work!)

End date:  We aim to have the restaurant complete 10 – 12 days afterward (April 2nd, 2012).

In terms of specifics, let this post serve as a ‘hint’ by way of a small photo essay.

You’ve no doubt heard the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’?  Well, we say ‘It takes a community of family and friends to create a restaurant reno’.

Photo: Judith Mackin – Bob Downey, my friend and neighbour (with Gus in foreground) out in the woods helping me source some yellow birch.  After the birch is cut, it is laid out to dry.

Here is Amy and Sarah working diligently in the studio creating new artworks for Opera’s walls.

Photo: Judith Mackin – Amy Ash and Sarah Tapley, team members of punch inside in Amy’s studio working on cork boards, chalkboards, artwork…and other surprises!

Photo: Judith Mackin – Robyn, my son, building the lights from Normann-Copenhagen (carried at TUCK Studio) to replace existing lights at the restaurant.

Photo: left – Judith Mackin / right – Sarah Tapley – Here is my husband and collaborator, Robert Moore helping me collect branches from the property.

Wonderful discoveries from a local second hand store:  old music sheets given a new life.

We leave you with another ‘taste’ of the decor elements you’ll find in the final design.

Please click on image to expand.
Photo Collage: Elements from Amy Ash, Sarah Tapley, Tord Boontje and Brothers Dressler.

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