City girl goes Country.

All has been quiet on the ‘blog’ front for the last little while. Not for lack of incident or adventure, mind you; the only lack has been time!

Over the last few weeks we have been busy packing up our old house which we sold (thanks to the talented Pam DeCourcey & Co) and have decamped into our temporary digs here on the Hammond River on the Model Farm Road in Quispamsis.  We plan to be here for 5 or 6 months while our new home is being finished.

It is the perfect solution for us:  we can store the better part of our furniture, books, art below in the basement level, and live upstairs, all the while enjoying eagles, deer, (skunks!) wild flowers, raspberries, kayaks and horses, to say nothing of fabulous neighbours! (Greg and Jessica Hemmings, Steph Downey  and Jason MacLean, Bob and Anne Downey.) Downside? Too close to Smoking Pig BBQ.  Can you say ‘porkaholic’?

Our view of the River

Self Portrait by Alyx Moore on the Hammond River

Since Alyx’s arrival we have explored the wooded environs, gone raspberry picking (pick one, eat two), been kayaking and visited the horses in the barn up the road.
Below are a few pics from Alyx – her view of the summer digs:

All Photos by Alyx Moore.

Below are pictures chronicling the progress on the new house.  We’re  ‘out of the ground.’ We drove up today to take a peak at any new developments and were super excited to see that the main floor is almost all framed in. The space below is the location for TUCK Studio.

Please feel free to drop by for a swim, visit or a raspberry or two!
As always, thank you for reading. Hope to hear from you!

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