Talk about your design win-win!

Several weeks ago, Jodi Racicot, a designer and woodworker living and working in Prince Edward Island held an on-line contest.  The rules were simple; sign up to receive his e-newsletter for his business ModernRevision and your name went in a draw to receive a ‘tea tray’ crafted by the designer himself.


All photos:  Judith Mackin

Guess who won.  Yours truly.  Yours truly who never wins anything, ever.  I don’t even win free coffees in ‘Roll up the Rim’.  But, the email came in announcing that I would be receiving said gift in the mail.


The details on this tray are stunning.  Jodi explains:  “The tray is made of Walnut, Walnut veneer, African Blackwood (the little wedges) and bending plywood.   Freshly built in 2011.  This piece evolved out of my recent bent lamination experiments. Many experiments just end up in the garbage and this one almost did too, until the stand came along making it a fully realized piece.  I called it a “tea tray” but who am I to limit it’s function? ”

Garbage, huh.  Lucky for me, he rethought it.  However, even as a child of English parents, I can’t bring myself to place tea cups on this lovely gem.  I’m more of a scandinavian decor girl and so I placed these gorgeous vinegar and oil set and salt cellar, purchased a few months ago from MJOLK in Toronto.  Devine.

If Jodi’s name sounds familiar, I featured him in an article that ran in the Telegraph Journal.  You can read it here.  Also, please sign up for Jodi’s newsletter. I can’t guarantee  you will win anything, but I can guarantee you that you will receive interesting updates from one talented designer, here in our own region.

Thanks Jodi.

As always, if you want to sign up for my blog, please go to the left of this screen and click on ‘GET UPDATES’.  I’ve been known to give away a few things too!  🙂


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