Before & After: South End Victorian Home becomes Mid Century Modern

Here are the ‘AFTER PHOTOS’ of my clients main floor home.

STephanie parlour
Photos: Kelly Lawson
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Client:   “Judith introduced us to a new way of thinking about our space. Beyond decorating and paint colours, great design should flow consistently from your personal style.  She worked with us to identify that style, and create an interior that uniquely reflected us.  There are a lot of options and decisions to be made when it comes to home design.  It’s easy to pick what’s trendy or what you see in magazine or displayed in a store. The value of working with Judith is she pushes you to think about what you truly want for your space, and helps source the items to create it.  With the client in mind, the product is always an original. “



Earlier Post:

Today was an exciting day!  Furniture, carpet, and light fixtures were arriving today, to say nothing of electricians.

Better yet, I had my fabulous “assistant”, Robyn helping me all morning, which made the day extra special.

I don’t want to give too much away on this amazing home reno because, just like the TV shows, I’ll be doing a big ‘reveal’ when the project is truly complete (and we are a long way from that!)

But, if for no other reason that to satisfy my own sense of a productive day, I thought I would post just a few pics of the direction the home is taking…

Lighting is key in any home, but the lights in this house are extra special.


This particular light was picked out by the home owners before they commissioned me to design their space.  It is made of chrome and blown glass and is a striking piece.  It is the first light you see when you enter the home in the vestibule area.  I will be placing a metallic designed wallpaper on the ceiling to help the light truly ‘pop’.  This particular light will be placed with a dimmer, so when the invited guests arrive in the evening, the mood can be set with a reduced light.


The double parlour had two 1987 fan lights (you know the ones!) and have since been replaced with two of these gorgeous George Nelson Lights, for Modernica. ‘Saucer’ a plastic membrane-covered wire-form shade is a very large light and perfect for heritage homes with high ceilings.  Also, because the client’s home is themed ‘mid-century meets funky’ – the Saucer lights are a perfect choice. (purchased from Design within Reach)  (to learn more about the architect and designer, George Nelson – )


The dining room boasts a new Patrick Townsend light called ‘Orbit Chandelier’  for Areaware – (purchased at Ministry of the Interior).  This clever piece is made from wire and aluminum a utilizes a tension/compression design based on the same principle as a suspension bridge. This light too is dimmable with its 40 white bulbs glow!  It will be a great conversation piece for my client’s dinner parties.  I hope I am invited to one!

So, with a full understanding from all of you that this is a ‘work in progress’ I will unveil a before and a ‘as we go’ picture below….

ta da…


As you can see, I am following my signature ‘white and black’ 🙂  The living room features a brand new Jane Bi-Sectional Gus*Modern Couch from Terra Verde (very wonderful feature of this couch is that it is moveable from one side to the other!).  Also featured in the River Stone Coffee Table from Attica (Halifax) and the gorgeous white custom white shag rug is from B&N flooring here in Saint John, thanks to Keri’s great eye and customer service!  Wallpaper, art, window treatments and more design furniture to come, but today was a very satisfying day.  The client came home at 5:00 and was ‘over the moon’.

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