King’s Court Condo’s “Before & After” on a really tiny budget!

Friend and Realtor Bob McVicar hired punchinside to take a tired worn out looking condo unit and turn it into the model showroom for a new downtown Condominium Project for his client.  The biggest challenge was the budget.  With very limited funds we painted, removed and added new furniture and added original artwork and creative decals to take the space from an average ‘apartment’ and transform it into a contemporary living space that appeals to city dwellers..

Here are the BEFORE pics:


Above:  the condo livingroom.  Drab, lifeless and dark.


Dining room which appears to be just dropped in the centre of the room.


A dated kitchen in desperate need of a facelift!



Here are the AFTER SHOTS:

(all photos by Hemmings House Pictures)


As you can see we repainted the entire condo from a drab cream color to a crisp modern white and added a warm granite feature wall.  Some warm floor to ceiling curtains were installed as well as some urban sticks and minimalist furniture pieces.


Here we placed a modern rug underneath a new dining table and chairs which are better suited to the corner space.  This allows the dining room to feel as it has its own ‘personal’ space aside from the living room.


Another view of the entire ‘Great Room.’


Here we painted all the cupboards and changed the old, dated hardware for brushed nickel contemporary hardware.  In addition we added a new modern sink and faucet.  We also added some creative decals from ‘BLIK” to add some funky drama into a relatively small space.  A new light was also added to the ceiling to remove the old one and a new custom fit blind was placed in the window to cover the otherwise, uninteresting cement wall showing outside the window.  (I forgot to straighten the tea towels prior to photographing!  Eek.)


PUNCH Productions, the Marketing, Design and Event side of punchinside created the marketing collateral for Bob McVicar to go with his newly design condo!


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