Mid-Century Makeover! An architectural gem Before & After reveal

Just a few years ago Chris Bourque & Lori Davis purchased a Mid- Century Modern home in Rothesay, NB for them and their children, [insert names]. The home, while architecturally beautiful, had fallen victim to decades of interior design trends from carpeted bathrooms to layers upon layers of wallpaper. It was Lori & Chris’ mission to restore the home to it’s original beauty and honour the architecture while adding their own personality to the space.

It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Chris & Lori throughout this transformation and we are so happy to be able to share the results!



See anything interesting about the front porch? It’s carpeted! A style common in the 50’s and 60′. Carpet was used to cover the hard cement & concrete.


Living Room


Upstairs Flex Space

Main Bedroom

Ensuite Washroom


We’re very excited to share the after photos for this project! But, as always, before we do we would like to thank everyone who had a hand in this transformation!

Paint & Wallpaper: Legacy Painters
Kitchen Island: Beamers Creek Woodworking
General Construction:
Stair & Washroom Tiles: Wayne McKlusky
After Photography:

Thank you to Chris & Lori for welcoming us into your home! We truly appreciate it!

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